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5 Myths that Could Affect Career Change Plans

Career change is all about defying challenges, overcoming risks, and getting closer to your dream. However, there’s always that negative statement that always ready to bring you down. They are myths passed from one generation to generation that continue to haunt us today, making us scared to pursue a career change. The following myths, however …

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Public Speaking History: How It All Begun

Public speaking history is important for the tracing of human civilization. In fact, in every society and culture, there is bound to be a rich history precisely because of the need for communication. There are, of course, other forms of communication before the public speaking history was known but many philosophers and sociologist say that …

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Socially Connected Retirement Lifestyle

Retirement lifestyle is every aging professional’s problem. By and large, it concerns financial matters, as money would determine the standard of living you’ll have after you decide to retire. But this lifestyle is more than that. Fairly frequently, it’s about sociability, or staying socially connected despite age, health, and distance. The good news is, we’ll …

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