web developersWeb Developers can either help you increase your income with their creative and technical skills, or they can run away with your money with the fees that they charge. Building a good company website is important, an inevitable expense. You have to make sure that the web developers that you hire will offer the best deal possible to maximize the money that you spend. So what are the right questions to ask your website developers? Read on below.

  • What is the rate charged by web developers for a project like this?

Website developers can charge on a project or hourly basis. An hourly rate will make expenses go overboard especially if your requirements are complicated. You have the option to limit the number of hours rendered to limit expenses; however there are chances that the project might not be completed which will push you to spend more.

  • Will the web developers also maintain the site once it is done?

Some web developers offer site maintenance, but you need to consider the expenses and turn-around time involved. If you choose to do the maintenance yourself, ask them if they offer training and access to editing programs.

  • What is the projected completion date?

You have to take note of the timeline of the web developers so that you can prepare for its launching and other related marketing activities once it is done.

  • How do the web developers want to be paid?

Ask about the payment scheme, whether it is down payment or should be fully paid before the project starts. Al ways go for the partial payment to make sure that the site will be completed and that you are satisfied with the output.

  • Will the web developers submit the web page to search engines themselves?

Determine who will do the submission of the site to the search engines. If it will be yours then proper research should be done on how to do the process correctly.

  • Will the search engine optimization be done by the web developers?

Search engine optimization is very important to make sure that you get the right amount of traffic to your website. Find out if the web developer’s offer this as an add-on or you have to hire another company to do this for you.

  • Who will hold the main access to the site?

The website is very vital for the marketing strategies of the company. Since you are the owner of the site, make sure that the web developers grant you main access. Don’t let them to be in control.

  • Will the web developers teach you how to read statistics of the site?

The site’s logs and statistics are important to know its performance. This can reveal a lot if information about the nature of the visitors of your site and how you can improve the site.

  • What is the experience of the web developers in designing for companies like yours?

Asking this and looking at their portfolio will provide you an overview of the quality of the output you can expect from the developers you are about to hire.


It might be a hassle to ask a lot of questions, but the website is very important for your company. Make sure that the web developers you hire are the best ones for the task.

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Selling Value is More Important than the Price

selling valueSelling value instead of price should always be your mindset to be paid what you deserve. A lot of professionals tend to get desperate. They allow potential clients to control them in the palm of their hands. If you know you true worth then selling value shouldn’t be difficult. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Stand out from the competition.

Selling is impossible if you are ordinary. Potential clients won’t take notice of you if you don’t have any unique skill set to offer. If you and the rest of your kind are the same then it will all come down to the pricing. Identify your strengths. Promote this to clients and emphasize that no one else can provide this kind of service. If you possess a quality that clients won’t be able to resist, selling value comes into play.

  1. Narrow down your clients.

Now that you know what you are worth, you will have the confidence sell value. Be picky of your potential clients. You should have a firm grasp to sell value. List down qualities that you want in a client and find people who possess them.  Always prioritize those who are fun to be with. There is already enough stress to deal with in running a business.

  1. Raise your standards and stick to them.

Selling value should be done not just to anyone you meet. This will greatly decrease your worth. Pick those who are serious, financially capable and loyal in doing business with you. Walk away from people who don’t meet your standards. Times and effort are both precious. To sell value is only done to people who deserve it.

  1. Make sure the competition is based on selling value, not price.

It’s really easy to fight it out based on price, just be the lowest bidder and that’s it. When it comes to selling value, then it’s time to put your game face on. You need to prove your worth to the clients. Show why choosing you will be a great business decision.

  1. Show your clients that you are indispensable.

A lot of clients would often grumble to professionals who are selling value. To counter this attack; list down the tasks involved in the project. Tell them that you are willing to reduce the price if they are willing to do particular tasks in the list. If they complain simply answer, “If you want to do away with the hassle, then pay me for what you expect me to do.” Selling value is all about remaining firm in your belief that you are the right person for the job.

  1. Be transparent.

To sell value isn’t just about putting a bold front to your customers. It is perfectly okay to explain how you came up with your prices to those who want to understand the whole process thoroughly. Show them that it’s not just about taking home a big profit, but a lot of work is involved. This way, clients will not try to bargain with your prices.

  1. Walk away from people who do not believe in selling value.

A lot of clients tend to choose business owners who run their business based on price only. It is best to stay away from this kind of people. Always keep in mind that professionals practice selling value not just for profit, but to maximize the value of their client’s money. To sell value reduces expenses, and avoids wastage of resources. If the potential client doesn’t buy this, then it is best to let them go.


Selling value is easy provided that you believe in your strengths and is willing to prove it to your clients. Be strong in your resolve. If you fail in the first client, move on. Surely, a more deserving client will come your way.

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Customer Service

Answering Service through the Internet

answering serviceAnswering service is a term that may sound like something quite inapplicable and unimportant in this age of rapid development of science and technology. One of the biggest technological milestones since the turn of the century is the development of the internet. From its simple precursor to the wireless chain of free information it is today, the internet has made its mark in human history.

In this modern age of wireless internet connections of such convenient speed, everyday life has become significantly easier. Although, while the development of wireless internet has managed to make users shift from earlier versions of connections to wireless, DSL, broadband, and fiber connections, it is definitely not unheard of for people to remain satisfied with a dial-up connection.

The downside of dial-up connections

Early dial-up users will understand how inconvenient it is to have to miss an important phone call in order to be able to connect to the internet. What’s more is that with early dial-up modems, it would be difficult to find a way to know who was calling. Almost everyone who has gone through this predicament would have wished that there was some sort of answering service to get rid of this problem for them. Fortunately, there is one today!

Introducing the internet answering service

  • That which operates alongside the operation of the dial-up internet connection serves as a sort of caller ID as well as an answering machine for users with dial-up modems.
  • What this answering service does is it screens phone calls for the user. It then displays the caller’s name and phone number, while giving them the option to take the call or redirect the call to an answering machine to take the message through voice mail.
  • If the user chooses to redirect the call to an answering machine, the answering service gives the user the option to listen to the voice message through the computer speakers.

This was developed for the convenience of dial-up internet users so that problems like choosing between internet connection and phone service may be a thing of the past. It is highly convenient and easy to use as it puts everything you need with regards to connectivity at the user’s fingertips with one click.

It is also highly cost-efficient since subscribing to this answering service merges the use of a caller ID with that of an answering machine. This also works to the advantage of landline users whose unit does not have a caller ID of its own – using this is obviously more practical than having to buy a separate caller ID or a brand new unit with its own caller ID.

Developments in the internet answering service

Internet answering providers are now branching out to give service to an even broader reach of clientele like businesses and cellular phone users. By expanding to these avenues, subscribers will have to worry less about unwanted phone calls and pesky telemarketing calls as the answering service will restrict the unwanted calls from getting through, so there will be no need to waste your precious minutes on phone calls you do not necessarily want to take.

The convenience that comes along with the availability of this answering service is promising. It is highly cost-efficient way to have a caller-ID, loudspeaker, and answering machine all rolled into one; and easily gives subscribers total control over their phone calls along with the assurance that the phone calls they decide not to take are taken care of appropriately.

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Creative Writing

Reading While Writing: How to do it the Right Way

reading while writingReading while writing has had its share of bad reputation. Some writers think negatively about it. This article will shed some light regarding it.

There are misconceptions. The first one is contamination. Some writers think that they will be heavily influenced. This will cause them to lose their own voice. This is true to some extent. Let’s you’re writing a 21st century adventure novel at the moment. If you read Pride and Prejudice simultaneously, then we have a potential problem. Your language will be affected.

This pitfall can be avoided. Reading while writing should be done properly.

Just know which books to read. If you’re writing fiction, it’s probably best to read fiction as well.

If you’re not doing it, you’re missing out. This is one of the best ways to learn. Reading while writing is like doing homework. You’re studying what other writers have done. You’re familiarizing yourself with effective techniques.

If you want to make the best out of it,, read along:

Learn from what you’re reading

Whenever reading while writing, observe carefully. Analyze how the writers write. Notice important details. Take down notes. Be familiar with their style.

Let me share you my experience on learning the flashback strategy. This was many years ago. I was already reading while writing at that point.

The Prince of Tides was my inspiration. I made an outline of the story. I studied the structure. I let it all sink in. After which, I tried solely writing on my own. Everything became easier. I wasn’t confused with my own writing anymore. I was able to keep the tension of the present while talking about the past.

Know your writing strategy

Check your outline again. Be familiar with your own tools. You might be using an internal dialogue, flashback, 2nd voice, etc. In any case, pick one that you would like to improve on. The next step is to find an author that uses that tool. Compare your work with the execution of the other writer.

This process proves that reading while writing is a learning moment. You should make it a routine. It will help you look at your work objectively.

Do a self-check by reading and writing at the same time.

When reading while writing, find books with similar strategies

This is similar to the previous tip. Reading and writing makes you familiar with patterns. Ideally, a writer has to read extensively. Take whatever you need from those books. Show them in your work.

This is advisable for strategies that are hard to do. For example, writing in the 2nd voice can be tricky. If you want to pull it off, reading while writing helps. Find authors who are good at this. Edward Jones, Toni Morrison, Susan Dodd, and Pat Conroy are some of them.

Reading and writing at the same time become easier when you read books that you personally enjoy. Understanding their strategy is less of a burden. These books will come to mind immediately.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

We all have our favorite authors. As much as we want to be like them, we can’t. That’s the reality of writing. The truth is, you can never “be like them.” You’re another writer. You have a voice of your own. Accept this when you’re reading while writing. Don’t spend too much time admiring them. Instead, put your efforts in critically examining their works.

Start writing and keep practicing. Stop beating yourself. Sulking won’t get you anywhere. Make time to hone your craft. This is the best way to succeed. As a writer, reading while writing should be a part of you.

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Attitude Training: A Must for Every Company

attitude trainingAttitude Training is one of the keys that will lead to productivity increase of companies. It has been a long time misconception that getting ahead is only based on performance. Employees will only follow their employer’s instructions without proper attitude training. The advancement of today’s work environment requires training to be performed. Not doing so will only put the company in a bad position.

The Benefits of Attitude Training

With the birth and fast growth of technology, downsizing and cutting costs have been a trend which puts employers in a tight emotional corner. When workers fail to undergo attitude training they become like robots. Robots do not have any feelings. Not having any feelings can lead to unruly behavior that will drive away customers and high quality co-workers.

This training will create an ideal work environment for both employees and employers. They will have a more positive outlook. It will boost their morale and enhance their performance and productivity.

The Things Needed for an Attitude Training in the Workplace

1. A catchy title for the attitude training program

A good training program will be useless if no one will be interested to attend it. Come up with a good title so that they will make sure to attend it. Attitude programs that are mandatory tend to drive attendees away. Human pride will make them think, “I don’t have a bad attitude? Why should I attend the attitude training?”

The title should not make them think that there is something wrong with them. Use titles such As “How to Stay Inspired All the Time”.

2. Well-defined objectives of the training

List down the attitude your employees would like to have at the end of the attitude training. Do not just focus on the present, but think long term growth. Scrutinize the current status of the company and identify points that you would like to improve.

Is there any behavior that has a bad effect on the company? You can conduct a small survey so that you can also get the employee’s perspective on the company. This will make the attitude training more effective.

3. Content of the training.

Employees will appreciate the training that they can apply in many aspects of their lives, not just for their work. Make sure that this includes participant involvement. The attitude training should be able to inculcate in the minds of the participants the following points:

  • You may not be able to change the situation that you are in, but you can change how you react and use it to your advantage. This attitude training will be able to help you do that.
  • You may not be good in controlling your emotions.  However, this training will help you improve acting on it.

What Makes a Good Attitude Training Program?

  1. The training should enable the participant to evaluate himself. He should be able to realize how he interacts in different venues such as the workplace.
  2. The attitude training gives the participant to fully assess their strengths and weaknesses. They should be able to think about how they will use them towards their own success.
  3. The participant should be able to understand how their thoughts affect their actions.
  4. The attitude training should help identify the attitudes needing improvement. Setting the process and timing for improving their attitude should follow.
  5. The change it does to the participant should be long term. This is done by reinforcement, rewarding those who display the right attitude.

With the help of attitude training, the employees will be more equipped in working in facing the challenges they encounter at the workplace. This will be beneficial both for the employee and the company. With increased productivity, success of the company is ensured.

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Expert Acting Tips for Your Next Audition

acting tipsActing tips: every aspiring actor could use them at least once in his career, especially when you are just starting out. Looking for tips for a coming audition? You have come to the right place. However, bear in mind that this article should only serve as a starting point. While it’s not as exhaustive as you might like, it’s definitely a good place to start.

Acting tips for each stage of an audition

The acting tips I will give you will be broken down into three parts: the preparation, performance, and result. Read on to gain some helpful suggestions. Keeping these tips in mind will help produce the best results possible. They will make your experience less stressful.

Acting tips part one: the preparation

Needless to say, preparation is essential. Whether you’re taking a test, going to a job interview, or auditioning for a role, being prepared is of utmost importance. To make sure that you’re ready for your audition, take a look at the acting tips below.

  • Do as much research as you can prior to the audition. Read up about the character you’re going to play, the theatre or production company, or the literary piece you will enact, whichever is applicable. This will show that you are truly serious about bagging that role. Obviously, dedication and thoroughness is impressive.
  • Master your monologues. It’s not enough to have it memorized. You should spend adequate time saying it out loud and practicing your delivery. Better yet, practice in front of different groups of people and ask for opinions afterwards. This is a great opportunity to improve as you will be evaluating your performance from a variety of perspectives.
  • Be knowledgeable about the details of the audition. List down the schedule and address and always double check your information. Make sure to obtain an accurate estimation of the travel time needed to get there. Coming in early will help ease your nerves and will give you some time to warm up.
  • Bring a book or an iPod just in case you have to wait long hours. It’s nice to have something to occupy your time while waiting for your turn.
  • One of the most important acting tips I can give you here is to be nice. Remember, it’s a small world out there. The people you’ll encounter on your auditions today are probably the same people you’ll encounter in the future. Don’t be intimidated by your rivals. They’re probably just as nervous as you.

Acting tips part two: the performance

Of course, this list of acting tips would be no good if there aren’t any suggestions about the audition proper itself. Ensure that you’re making the right impression by following the tips below.

  • Be confident and friendly. When you give off a positive vibe, you’ll be viewed in a positive light, as well. Besides, the people before you are on your side! They want you to do well, after all.
  • While asking questions is recommended, avoid asking too much. It may seem like you’re trying too hard to impress them by asking a ton of questions. Because these people are busy, they may end up getting annoyed if you’re taking too long.
  • Keep your initial monologue short. Two minutes should be enough. Also, have others prepared just in case you have to show some versatility.
  • Another one of the acting tips which aren’t emphasized enough is the importance of having good listening skills. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to reread after direction. Listen carefully to the instructions and show that you’re easy to work with.

Acting tips part three: the result

An article about acting tips wouldn’t be complete without saying a word or two about getting rejected.

If you didn’t get the part, avoid spending too much time on negativity and refocus your energy to improving your craft. These tips can only go so far. You have to have the initiative and determination in you. Besides, usually it’s not even about your talent or ability. It just so happened that the casting panel thought someone else was more fit for that specific role at that particular time.

If you do get called back to do another round of auditions, then good job! Keep the acting tips here in mind and do your best for the second auditions.

That’s it! I hope this collection of tips helped you. Whatever the outcome is, always strive to improve your talent. Being passionate about this art is just as important as following every collection of acting tips there is.

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Taking a Career Aptitude Test

aptitude testAptitude test : will taking one help your career? Well, the answer is yes. By knowing yourself, you’d be more aware of what jobs are most suitable for you considering your interests and skills. When you feel a sense of belonging in your work environment, it leads to fulfillment.

Long before I took an aptitude test, I have always been wondering about what I wanted to do. Even when I was still in high school, I’ve constantly thought about what I wanted to be in the future. When I got to college, I did a lot of researching and reading. That’s because I wanted to understand myself more. At that time I figured that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. But I didn’t know how to start or what specific industry is right for me. Over time, I have realized that what I truly needed to have was passion. As I delved into different small businesses, I learned that I had to love what I was doing. Eventually I decided that I wanted to be a systems analyst. Five years after I started working as a programmer, I have realized that dream.

The aptitude test that started it all

My career has flourished primarily because I worked a job that I was happy to do. Taking an aptitude test helped me figure out what was best for me. This test I’m talking about is called “Test Your Own Job Aptitude” by Geoff Williams and Jim Barret.

The results I got in the test 6 years ago indicated that I am a mixture of the Research and Literary type. These types I will be elaborating on below. Over all, I’d highly recommend for you to take an aptitude test yourself.

  • Research

According to the test, research types are those individuals who find acquiring knowledge highly enjoyable. Thus, these people devote a major chunk of their time to studying. The  test also described suitable careers for research types as those which require academic and professional qualifications.

You might identify yourself as a research person if you have felt a preference for scientific subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics while you were still in school. The aptitude test further described people in this category as objective problem solvers and experimenters.

Some examples of careers in the research category are: botanist, pathologist, mathematician, surgeon, physicist, chemist, and physicist.

  • Literary

The aptitude test describes people in this category as “attracted by careers involving ideas, words, and communication.” These people enjoy writing and reading.

Is taking this test giving you this result? Have you no prior experience in literature and other related fields? Then perhaps it’s time for some self-discovery. It’s possible that you haven’t been aware of this inner inclination before you got the results of your aptitude test.

Some careers in the literary category include: editor, journalist, librarian, historian, actor/actress, novelist, proof reader and literary critic.

  • Research-Literary

Some people are a mixture of the two previously-described categories. If you got this result in your aptitude test, then you might find satisfaction in a career that combines art and science. Thus, you are highly likely to be very qualified and highly-specialized.

People in this category are mostly found in academic environments. Research-oriented people are also common. As indicated by the aptitude test, their abilities in both the arts and sciences enable these people to conduct researches and successfully write about and discuss their findings.

Some careers in the research-literary category include: archaeologist, science writer, information scientist, anthropologist, and technical writer.

Taking an aptitude test will always be for the better

Personally, the aptitude test I took proved to be accurate. I can also safely say that it will be of great help to other people, as well. Being more aware about your skills, strengths, and weaknesses is always a good thing. Sure, it might disrupt you current career path if you find out that it’s not suitable for you at all. But starting fresh is easier than spending the rest of your working life being unhappy and dissatisfied. Who knows? An aptitude test may just be the push that you needed in the pursuit of a fulfilling, lifelong career.

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Home Business

Home Based Business Ideas to Get you Started

home based businessHome based business is an ever-growing niche in the enterprising world. Because it enables you to earn and grow your own brand in the comfort of your home, more and more people are looking to start their own ventures.

Some great ideas to start your home based business

One of the most important things to establish before starting your own home based business is, of course, the product or service you’ll offer. There are a lot of viable markets out there. Below are some great home business ideas that you can use and build upon. The fact that these markets are in demand and continuously growing makes for a great investment.

  • Tea

You’ll see it all over Instagram. The tea fad has come and it looks like it won’t end any time soon. People are constantly on the lookout for new variants and mixes. You can come up with your own unique brand that can offer a multitude of health benefits. Because this product is very compact and easy to store, it’s perfect as a home based business.

  • Specialty food

Break free from the conventional fast food. A home business offering specialty food provides appetizing novelty dishes that are interesting and convenient. People will specially love the fact that they won’t have to leave their houses anymore.

  • DIY Meals

This home based business is perfect for more meticulous customers who want to personally prepare their meals. The idea is simple: you provide your clients with bulk meal recipes and ingredients. This enables them to make a large batch in one go (which they can freeze for up to a month).

  • One-product restaurants

You know that burrito place that became an overnight phenomenon? You can capitalize on the same business concept by specializing on one specific type of food and developing various ways to make it palatable.

  • Chocolate shops

There is an endless market for chocolate and everyone knows it. This type of home based business is almost always a hit.

  • Shredding venture

This home business is in demand for those looking to protect themselves from identity and intellectual property theft.

  • Hosted security

If web management is your thing, why not try a home based business that offers to protect sites from spyware, malware, and hackers?

  • Backup data

You can also build a home business through the data recovery and backup route.

  • Identity theft protection

Identity theft is one of the biggest threats in today’s online world. Providing identity theft prevention services for a fee is a great home based business idea.

  • Surveillance

Why not establish a home business that caters to other businesses? Selling surveillance equipment is one of the hottest business ideas in this day of crimes and theft.

  • Tech accessories

With gadgets getting more and more “disposable” by the minute, offering accessories is a home based business that’s highly unlikely to run out of demand.

  • Mobile add-ons

Every day, you see an increasing number of gadgets made for other gadgets such as wireless headphones, bass speakers, and the like. Obviously, there is a big market out there that you can take advantage of.

  • Home staging

Breaking into the real estate industry is made easier through home staging. For a fee, you can assist in showcasing a property, thereby helping increase its marketability.

  • Senior retrofitting

You can also offer services that’ll help people who are looking for ideas to remodel their homes (instead of say, selling the property).


There you have it! With the right mindset, a sound business plan, and a great idea (thanks to this article!), you’re well on your way to establishing the home based business of your dreams.

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Home Business


home business publicityHome business publicity is the less costly yet effective alternative to advertising when it comes to promotions. As we all know, promotions are needed in order to make the people informed about your business. This must be done on a constant basis to ensure that your business will not be forgotten or be completely taken over by the competitors. Home business publicity is more preferred since it spares the customers from the irritating attempts of pushing the products made by advertisements.


The goal is to do something interesting or noteworthy that will get other people to talk about you in a positive and objective way. Techniques used in doing home business publicity include but are not limited to the following:

  • Publicize your story.

This is a good especially those who have just started out their business. Do this by writing about how the business started out, the inspiration behind it, and how your business will be able to help a lot of people. You can enlist the services of a professional to do this. The story can then be published in newspapers and magazines or posted in websites.

  • Charity.

Doing charity is effective home business publicity because many people appreciate businesses that are not self-centered.  There are lots of ways you can do charity such as donating during times of disaster or holiday season. You can also start a campaign wherein a small percentage of your profits will be donated to a particular organization or charity program. Make sure that you do this with the genuine intention of helping others, not just for the sake of doing home business publicity.

  • Soliciting free advice.

Giving free advice to customers is one of the best methods. It gives the impression that you are not only after the customer’s money, but that you have so much passion and knowledge for the business to the point you are willing to share that knowledge for free. People will deem you trustworthy and will tend to choose your business over the competitors.

  • Give away incredible prizes

Giving away incredible prizes through games and contests is one of the most popular methods employed in doing home business publicity. People get excited with the possibility of having spectacular prizes such as gadgets without shelling out money. If you have a website, this method will also increase the number of visitors; thereby more people will be able to read on your business and products. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: home business publicity and gaining potential customers.


The abovementioned techniques are just some of the techniques used in doing publicity. A lot more can be found in books, newspapers or the internet. With this, the possibilities are endless and the number of people reached is maximized.

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Engage Your Customer – Talk Benefits

engage your customerEngage your customer – something easy to do but is neglected by most business owners. At the top of your head you may be able to smoothly blurt out key features of your company. And like most other companies you believe that it is these features that will help sell what you have to offer to your customers and clients. On the contrary however, one thing above all will help your company more than any other, and that is to engage your customer.

It is an honestly easy mistake to interchange your company’s features for a customer’s benefits. One mistake that is most easy to make when you neglect to engage customers. It is important to remember that customers and clients are not interested plainly in what you can do – but in what you can do for them.

Why is it beneficial to engage customers?

So many people use their features for advertising that they all end up sounding alike. But not effectively sounding viable to potential clientele. Being conscious about web content to engage your customers more will help you stand out. It will also eliminate competitors by reaching out directly to you customers and showing them that you have what they need.

What does talking benefits mean?

Companies create websites to advertise to an online audience. And while this is an effective tool for increasing sales and gathering business leads, you must remember to advertise effectively to get the results you intend. This is why you should engage your customer when writing content for your websites.

When you engage customers, you think about what the company can do in service to them. It is not simply what your company can do. These are two completely different things. While most companies would have things like “we offer load-balanced server clusters” on their websites, try writing “absolutely no web-traffic for complete ease of access” or “superior uptime and performance”. Writing like this could not only boost your online viability, but will also increase chances of more potential customers coming to look for your services.

Engage your customers – how to do it right?

To engage customers in how you advertise, you could first look into what your target customer population looks for in particular. Then match it to what your company provides, and come up with a clean and comprehensive list on the benefits your company has to offer your customers.

To give you an idea, here are the three most popular methods of gathering data on viable customer benefits:

  1. Customer research

You can engage your customer through the customer research method. This includes media like email enquiries, surveys, and if your customers might have the luxury of time, maybe you could ask them for a quick interview – just to get an idea on what they enjoy about your company’s service. This is a way to directly engage your customers and find out first-hand what they need.

Also remember to make it worth their while, give customer respondents freebies or discounts for participating – this adds to your overall customer relation points as well!

  1. Speak to your sales team

Do you want to engage your customer in your advertisements but are running on a tight budget? Go for the next best thing to do to engage customers is to talk to your sales team. Since customer relations is their focus day in and day out, they will know most about what customers like and what customers go looking for. This allows you a way to indirectly engage your customer. Incorporating data like this into your website and your advertisements will prove to be beneficial to your company.

And while it is important to sell what you offer, it is more important to be honest with your customers. Always put your company’s credibility above advertising. Overly building-up the truth will do more damage than help you company’s customer relations.

  1. Make your product saleable to multiple audiences

If you don’t have the time or the resources for research or don’t have a sales team, you can still engage your customers and make your product saleable to different audiences and not only to end-user audiences. Managers and CEO’s usually purchase in bulk orders or usually intend to spend more so make it a point to appeal to them as well. Terms like Return on Investment (ROI) and risk management will be sure to catch their attention.

Keep jargon to a minimal – remember, the goal is to engage your customers, not blow them away with technical terms.

There are tons of other ways to engage customers when advertising. All it takes is a little creativity and a whole lot of interest in your clientele. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with your audience’s taste, writing content for your company’s website will come to you naturally.

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