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Eight Strategies to Effective Employee Motivation

Employee motivation needs a “different strokes for different folks” approach. You cannot apply the same approach to employees with different personalities and varied interests. People have diverse goals when coming to a workplace and it is the responsibility of the management to recognize these goals. In a survey conducted by Gallop Poll, 20% of respondents …

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Fluent Speech: How to Do It

Fluent speech is hard to achieve. Often times, it is disrupted by some speech obstacles such as stammering or stuttering. To learn how to overcome these impediments and have a better speech, let us first examine the testimony of Steve Hill. Fluent Speech: Steve Hill’s Story Fluent speech did not come easily to Steve Hill. In fact, …

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Body Language: Secret to Better Communication

Body language shows a good development in the field of communication in the early 1970’s. People take a deeper understanding about its nature. This is in order to make communication more fluid and effective. Written by Julius Fast in 1970, Body Language talks about a new science called Kinesics. It gives an open door for others …

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