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Packaging Information: How to Use Them for Fun and Profit

packaging informationPackaging information is normally taken for granted when business owners come up with strategies to increase sales. There is no need to rely on books, electronic references, videos and audios to be able to showcase expertise in your field. All you need is to increase the creativity in the packaging information techniques that you use for your product. If you are able to do so, then convincing customers to make the initial purchase and follow-up sales will become much easier.

Why is using a highly creative packaging information technique important?

Packaging done creatively provides a much better chance to be publicized in a magazine or web page. Several years ago, I redesigned the packaging information strategy of an audiotape to advertise it as a seminar done in an installment basis through creative postcards. This caught the attention of a famous magazine. The product was then published having the tagline “The Ultimate Pen Pal of a Procrastinator” which included a nice photo and contact information.

There are many creative ways you can transform your packaging information technique. Here is an overview of each option. I have also included some links for you to look at:

  1. Reminder Cards

Think of reminder cards as a creative technique that gives people something that they can refer to from time to time. I also used reminder cards for a proofreading checklist that I included in one of my products. Bankers Online also invested on reminder cards by producing a batch that helps bank employees identify fake ID cards. The more thought you put into improving your style in packaging information the less likely consumers will be able to steal your concept and produce their own.

  1. Posters 

You can never go wrong with using posters. They can be used to decorate walls and send a message to a lot of people compared to smaller packaging information materials. Think of them as bigger versions of your reminder cards. You can use posters for just any type you want to present, may it be educational or just plain amusing. Companies like Cafepress or Zazzle can print posters for you in small quantities.

  1. Puzzles

Puzzles are an interesting way of packaging information. They come in different forms such as jigsaw puzzles, word search, Rubik’s cube and many more. You can sell them containing clues inside by piece or in a collection.

  1. Stickers

Stickers can be done in either a funny or practical way. You can create bumper stickers, labels or business reminders depending on your market.


Packaging information can be done in so many ways all you need to do is try as many techniques as you can to know which one works best for your product.

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Article Writing

Writing Article Tips to Help Writers

writing article tipsWriting article tips are important to be followed by people who wish to become good writers. These article writing tips, when executed properly will surely make writing an article a process that is easy to deal with.

These tips are all over the internet to help you develop your skills in writing. One of the most important Writing Article Tips is probably to bear in mind that the article should interest your readers. Readers who see your article and decide to read it are surely interested on the article’s topic. Now, your next goal is to keep them interested and keep them reading it.

Writing Article Tips and Guidelines to Remember

One of the common and probably obvious writing article tips is to be unique. It is one of the most important tips as well because it will help your article stand-out and be more noticeable. Websites and commercials are more likely to succeed when they illustrate uniqueness. If proper execution is played, almost all unique ideas are sure to prosper. Uniqueness is one of the important writing article tips that you should never miss because it will surely make your article more attractive to its readers.

You may think that following these tips is hard especially when you have to develop a new style of writing. Another one of the writing article tips which you should definitely do is to look for test-readers. These are people who you are going to ask to read a few of your articles. All of them will have to read the same. Afterwards, ask them what they think about it. If most of them (because of course, you will not be able to please everyone, and that is totally okay,) think that your article is of quality then it will be safe to say that your article is a good one. Testing the waters before taking the huge plunge is one of the tips for safety which should be followed especially by the newbies.

In addition to the writing article tips above, I have several guidelines to remember whenever you are writing an article. These article writing tips and guidelines will surely help you finish a work in no time.

  • Take into account the type of publication your article is appearing. For example, if it is appearing in an international travel magazine for adults, bear in mind that such publications require a neutral or formal register. On the other hand, a college magazine or a magazine for teens could be written in an informal register.
  • Once you choose a register, stick to it. Formal and informal registers should not go together in one article.
  • Formulate an appropriate article. Make it catchy to attract your reader’s attention.
  • Introduce your topic in the first paragraph of your article.
  • Be clear and informative.
  • Keep them interested as they go through. This is one of the important writing article tips as well because you don’t want them to leave halfway, do you?

Some of the most important article writing tips have been laid down especially for you, the only thing left to do is to execute them properly. After all, they are not called Writing Article Tips for nothing.

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Employment Tips

A Doctor Excuse Can Save Your Life

doctor excuseDoctor excuse is not that bad if you treat it as a life saver. There are a lot of people who put so much into their jobs that they forget to mind about their well-being. Workaholics should realize that it can do wonders for their sanity.

Why is a doctor excuse beneficial?

There are people who are so consumed by their work and other responsibilities that they forget taking breaks. The list of things to be done is endless. Taking care of the kids, beating deadlines at work, bills that have to be paid, and even pleasing your spouse. However, if you let all these things consume your every waking hour, who takes care of you? Taking a doctor excuse from time to time isn’t a bad thing. Remember those times at school when you use the excuse to get away from a pop quiz or other pressing issues? Being an adult and making it every now and then will not hurt anyone.

Health is wealth. If you let yourself be swarmed by the thought of finishing every deadline ahead of time will not do well for you. Work and other responsibilities will be there. Yes, it is a good thing that you perform well and do not neglect your responsibilities. But there’s also a way to take a break without making your superiors think that you are slacking. And at the rate of the economy, we cannot afford to get fired. A doctor excuse will let you off the hook without your workmates thinking that you are not doing your job.

Calling in sick without actually being sick will give you the chance to take a breather. Armed with this excuse, you give yourself the much needed time to just think about your welfare. You can spend the day lounging at home or doing something else to relax. The choices are endless if you have a doctor excuse. What’s important is you give time for yourself to take a break because there’s a limit to the pressure that your mind and body can take. We don’t want you going crazy either. So the best way to go is to talk to a friendly physician and get a doctor excuse.

Getting it is not that hard. Doctors care for our health and they will oblige if given the right reasons. Of course a migraine will not do it for your boss, a serious case of colds or a flu may cut it. Just inform your physician that your doctor excuse will be used for a good reason.

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Reselling: How to Venture into the Business for Fun and Profit

resellingReselling can be considered as the foundation of the whole sales economy. Think about it and try counting how many individuals market products that they made on their own. Most of the time, consumers buy the products that they use from people who only do reselling of the items they got from someone else. When you are involved in the online marketing business, it is very much abundant and is a very viable source of income.

What is Reselling?

It is a business that gains profit by buying a product and selling it again and again at a price that is supposedly cheaper than the price you originally bought it. Products that are usually subject to reselling are articles, software, and electronic books. Once you have gained rights, you can now freely sell the items again and again without having to worry about paying royalties to the owner. For example, if you acquire reselling rights for a book for $200 and you are able to sell copies of the book for $15 each, then you will be able to make your profit on the 14th copy. From the 15th copy onwards, all the money you earn from it will be purely profit. Sounds great doesn’t it?

How do you get started in reselling?

  1. Gain rights to resell a product.

Make sure that you choose very carefully the products that you pick to resell. Do not get too many variations of products so that you can concentrate working on a strategy for each product. Identify different avenues for finding products that are great to resell such as the internet.

  1. Make sure that you package your products for reselling very well.

No matter how good a product may be, no one will enjoy its benefits if it does not get noticed. Establish a website where you can post testimonials or sales letters to advertise the products that you are to resell. You need to motivate people to buy your product. Your website should also have a hosting account with SSL in order to manage transactions.

  1. Establish a secure payment method for your reselling business.

Since the business is usually done online, you need to make a merchant account to be able to accept credit card payments. Some reliable sires include Paypal, Stormpay, CCBill, 2checkout and Greenzap.

  1. Do not be afraid to try new approaches.

If you think that putting up your website for reselling is already enough, then think again. You need to try several approaches to market your products such as affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, posting in forums, using article directories and many more.

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Will Outsourcing Health and Safety Work for you?

outsourcing health and safetyOutsourcing health and safety risk management is likely considered by companies according to a research. This research is based on surveys conducted by small and mid-sized company owners and managers. It was found in this research that even though only a minority of the companies do outsourcing health and safety risk management, many are now considering this move along with the outsourcing of other key corporate functions. Outsourcing is currently at the top of these companies’ list. The research also shows that only one out of ten business owners and managers are willing to outsource the accounting function management but 50% of them are willing or are already currently outsourcing the management of health and safety.

Reasons for Outsourcing Health and Safety

There are varied reasons why business owners and managers are willing to outsource. The following are the main reasons in outsourcing health and safety management, according to the respondents:

  • It is time saving
  • It shows cost effectiveness
  • It gives managers time to focus and do core business

Outsourcing them is considered by managers and business owners as a way to manage the very real risk of noncompliance. There may be some rules which need to be followed, of which managers and business owners are not aware. They may not have the time nor the proper resources to follow certain regulations.

Maintaining Health and Safety Programs by Outsourcing Health and Safety Management

Outsourcing health and safety management can really help a lot to companies in various ways. Many companies find complying with the health and safety regulations as an increasing burden. They also face an increase in the liability insurance rates and penalties of the employer. To be able to have insurance reduction, a company must comply with the rules and regulations relevant to the business. In case of accidents, costs can go up to tens of thousands of dollars when a business does not have a proper health and safety program.

Businesses differ from one another and so health and safety program in each of these companies should be modified too. Basically, companies should be able to develop and update a health and safety program, and maintain compliance by establishing effective safety management system. With outsourcing health and safety management, such tedious task can be easily accomplished.

It will help implement an effective health and safety program. A health and safety program is concerned to prevent injury and sickness at work through pro-active strategies which can include risk management, hazard assessment and other pro-active controls and procedures. Behavioral change will help implement health and safety procedures. However, there is also a possibility for these programs to become weak and ineffective for the following reasons:

  • There are no written processes nor definition of safety practices.
  • There is a lack of teamwork and description of the roles of each person in the safety policies.
  • There isn’t any effective goal.
  • Improper incentives because health and safety should be enjoyable and worth the effort of the employees. You may include movie tickets or a simple free coffee.

There is truly a lot to deal with when it comes to Safety and Health Management. Outsourcing health and safety management will surely help in meeting the safety and health program goals. Through outsourcing, you will be assured that monthly maintenance is accomplished with only little effort given.

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Increasing Sales in Eight Easy Ways

increasing salesIncreasing sales is always the target of any business. No matter how big or small, increasing your sales translate to sustainability of any business venture. So how do you make sure that your sales don’t get stagnant? Read on to find out how.

Tips on Increasing Sales for your Business

  1. Always display enthusiasm because it is contagious. Increasing sales mean that you get more customers to buy your product. If you appear enthusiastic and convincing, your target customer will believe that you really know your business. Make your customers trust your business so they will tell their friends. That way, you are increasing sales without actually putting a lot of effort.
  2. It is also important to please irate customers in increasing your sales. There are many ways to please a complaining customer. You can give them a discount, refund, or solve their problem quickly to name a few. The important thing is to shower them with attention so they’ll know that you don’t take them for granted. Increasing sales also mean that you don’t lose a customer.
  3. Aim for uniqueness. Uniqueness will make you stand out from competition. Some customers change brands because they get tired of the same stuff. Make sure to innovate.
  4. Increasing customer trust mean increasing sales. Giving a potential customer proof that you are a trusted business will go a long way. You can use warranty, testimonials and endorsements in order to gain their trust.
  5. E-zines and web marketers are your friends. Submit articles ad get published. Make sure that they are well written articles and not like blatant advertisements.
  6. Build your email list by allowing visitors to subscribe to free e-newsletters, e-zines, software, and other promotional materials. You can also send your customers a catalog of products. These made be an add-on to an original product like upgrades or special services. Another tip in increasing sales is to end your letters or ads strongly. A good closing can advertise a benefit reminder, bonus or a discount to entice customers.
  7. Negotiating a package deal with other related businesses will also result to increasing sales. Another reputable business with a good client base can be your partner. Include an ad with their products or have them sell your products for you.
  8. Make them get more when they buy your product. Give them a bonus when they purchase in store. If you have to ship their item, slip a gift certificate. Increasing sales will be easy because you can also offer gift certificates that will allow them to buy more items in your website.
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3 Successful Outsourcing Tips

successful outsourcingSuccessful outsourcing involves a lot of research. Taking a part of your business to an outsourced partner entails a lot of work and considerations. There are many requirements to be fulfilled so you don’t fail. Here are a few tips on how you can ensure success in outsourcing.

How to Go About Successful Outsourcing

  1. Determine if there really is a need to outsource.

Successful outsourcing means making a facet of your business work more efficiently by outsourcing services. Before you do so, you must fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. You should have an intimate understanding of the current business processes before you venture into outsourcing. . Is it IT services? Human Resources? Why is there a need to outsource? Can we first introduce other options first before venturing out? These are the questions you have to ask yourself because they are critical to successful outsourcing.

  1. Analyze the current process.

In order to achieve success, there should be an analysis of the current process vis-à-vis the proposed process. It is also best to have a solid measurement method in order to eliminate ambiguity. This would be the time to do a cost benefit analysis in order to see if it will be really beneficial for the company. When doing a cost analysis, all the costs involved should be considered to ensure successful outsourcing. For example, if you are feeling the need to outsource because support calls can go from 20 dollars to 5 dollars without considering other factors, that will not be successful. If you will only consider that tangible cost, you are not geared towards successful outsourcing. You should also study the resolution time. If the support wasn’t outsourced, will the in-house support resolve the problem on time? If not, how long before the problem gets a resolution? Did you factor in the cost of lost productivity because the same call took too long to be solved?

  1. Set a timeline.

Successful outsourcing depends determining what to be contracted out and when to do so. Is the need immediate or do you observe for a couple of months more? Are you equipped with the right data to ensure success in outsourcing? Even if you feel the need to outsource, it shouldn’t happen overnight. It shouldn’t happen for very long also because lost time means lost resources. Successful outsourcing is tedious and you need to consider all factors before doing so.

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Creative Writing

Online Competitions on Fiction Writing: How Do You Win?

online competitionsOnline competitions for fiction writing are very abundant nowadays. These serve as a perfect venue for those who want to showcase their talent in fiction writing. Joining these competitions is very easy, all the information and steps that you need to know can be seen in websites such as The hard part is winning. In order to win online competitions for fiction writing you need to understand very well what makes a literary piece beautiful and full of substance. Here we give you a brief refresher on fiction writing to help you in these competitions you are planning to join.

What are the kinds of Fiction Writing?

Before you sign up for any online competitions, you need to know first the type of fiction writing that they will require you to submit. Usually, literary pieces fall under two kinds:

  1. Category

Category is also known as genre. These competitions stories that fall under this kind of fiction writing can be classified into more specific and unique themes such as science, adventure, romance, action, mystery, history and many more.

  1. Mainstream

Stories for online competitions that are tagged as mainstream are targeted for a big scope of audience. Topics usually tackle different aspects of Iife such as career and relationships.

Components of Fiction Writing that Online Competitions Scrutinize

They have judges who have a keen eye for detail. They usually check specific components of the submitted online competitions entries.

  1. Theme

The theme is the central idea where the story revolves. It is the most important component of fiction writing. It will dictate whether your entry will turn out to be a hit or miss.

  1. Characters

Characters help enrich the theme of a literary piece by providing different dimensions into the flow of the story. They are the reason why readers of online competitions entries get hooked to the story, since they feel a sense of attachment to the dialogue of the characters and how they will grow as the story progresses.

  1. Plot

The plot of entries is like the glue that binds the whole story together. This is composed of a dilemma, climax and denouement which will all drive home to the theme of the story.

  1. Style

The style of writers for online competitions gives flavor to the story. Choose an effective writing style and you will surely be victorious in any online writing competition.

The talent needed for Fiction writing in these competitions may not be acquired naturally to everyone. Put in the right amount of effort by working on your creativity and maintaining your determination until you reach the final revision of your work. If you do this then you will eventually get the success in online competitions you are dreaming of.

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Article Writing

Successful Article Marketing Tips and Tricks

successful article marketingSuccessful article marketing involves more than just being able to produce high quality content and spreading it all over the internet. I also made the same mistake years ago. Once I was able to submit to article directories and, I just wait for them to provide updates on how many views my article has received for the month. Little did I know that successful article marketing also requires for you to track if your article has also been reprinted elsewhere.

Successful article marketing means don’t rely too much on the system

Most people tend to make a quick search of their articles in Google to check which of the listings include your article and which ones are just web pages that contain content that are similar to yours. This is not the best way to achieve successful article marketing. There are other ways to track your article.  Over the years we have developed other strategies towards successful marketing. This can be used regardless if you own the article or you have written it for your clients.

Successful article marketing doesn’t mean you need to produce new articles every time.

Are you having a hard time looking for new content to share? The old articles you have written in the past can still be used again in order to perform successful article marketing. You can still have them distributed in article directories that you have not used in the past. You can also have them published in web pages that contains links to your biography. You can also add in a new twist by dividing the article into parts and repost them in your web page. Successful article marketing doesn’t mean new and fresh content, all you need is a new perspective.

Track if you have achieved successful article marketing with the use of serial numbers

If you have a large collection of articles that you need to monitor every now and then, assigning a tracking number or serial number to serve as reference points will help you achieve successful marketing. You can insert this in the body of your article or your writer profile. Always check first if the serial number you are assigning does not produce any hits. If you are able to make a unique identifier then you can readily get successful article marketing that are guaranteed to be due to your own work.

Don’t be afraid to try new things to achieve success

Repurposing old articles and using unique number identifiers are just some of the ways you can conduct successful article marketing. With these techniques you will be able to monitor which topics are widely distributed in the internet, which sites have already reprinted your work and which distribution technique is most effective. Don’t be afraid to try different approaches, you’ll never know which one may work best for you.

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Sales Marketing

Motivate People to Purchase Your Products Online

motivate peopleMotivate people that visit your website in order to increase the sales of your product. Having the right type and quality of the product to offer to your cuatomers is not enough. You have to motivate them and let them know why they should choose what you offer over the thousands of other products that are available in the market. This may seem to be a challenging task, but if you are successful in being able to motivate people your conversion rate and profits will definitely benefit from it. So the question now is, “How exactly do you motivate them to buy?”

Focus on what they want, not what they need in order to motivate people

Long ago, no one in their right mind will waste their money to buy something that they do not have any use for. Times have changed. Today you motivate people by emphasizing that this product is something that they definitely must have. Motivate them by making them crave for the product. People do not care anymore whether they have any food to prepare on the table, as long as they can take pride on the latest gadget they have recently purchased then everything is fine.

Motivate people to buy by emphasizing the pleasure they will get from the product

A person will not walk into a car store just for the sake of buying the first car that his eyes lay upon on. You should motivate people so that they will want the car that gives the greatest comfort, possesses the latest gadgets or will be able to make them look and feel good. He can buy a much cheaper brand like Toyota, but he will definitely go for a Mercedes at any time of the day even if it means sacrificing his ten thousand dollars worth of his savings. Motivate people to close the deal by telling them that your product will surely give them happiness for the years to come.

Avoidance of pain will motivate people to buy

You can try asking around, a lot of people will tell you that the choices they make whether it involves big decisions in life or a simple car purchase will always depend on convenience. The car brand Volvo rose in popularity not because of its looks or price, but because of the high safety standards it follows. Brands that are guaranteed to protect buyers and their families from the pain of accidents or any other inconvenience will motivate people to purchase from them right away.

These are just some of the many ways you can try to motivate prospects to buy your product. Try incorporating these ideas in your marketing strategies in order to improve your profit.

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