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How to Prepare for the Work at Home Experience

work at home experienceWork at home experience is a different kind of work experience that is not for the faint of heart. If you have finally followed your heart, quit your job and is readying yourself for the experience, you should read up on this.

There still might be some hesitations on your end because this will be your first experience. You may have heard praises about it but at the same time, some negative comments as well. You should not dwell on these negativities but instead in order to prepare yourself for your upcoming work at home experience, you should follow these simple tips and tricks.

Steps in preparing yourself for the  experience

Work at home experience preparation step 1: Keep away those fears.

Preparing the mind is the very first step in entering your experience. The first thing you should do is to remove from your subconscious all your fears, worries and apprehensions on working from home. Keep in mind that in any job, of course there are no guarantees. Do not bombard your mind with thoughts on what could happen, and instead focus on your end goals and motivations why you have decided to dive into the work at home experience in the first place. In fact, compared to being employed in a formal company, you should have lesser fears because since you are working from home, you are your own boss and you should have no fears of losing your job.

Step one to preparing for your work at home experience is to remove all apprehensions and fears, and fill your mind with positivity and just keep heading towards your goals, and you’ll be on your way to success.

Work at home experience preparation step 2: Prepare yourself for the ups and downs.

Aside from mental preparation, you also have to prepare yourself emotionally for the ride up ahead your work at home experience. Every business experiences ups and downs, what more if it is a home-based business. e prepared to face issues on financing, meeting demands of the customers, availability of goods and services, and everything else. If you are the kind of person who loves challenges, this might be thrilling for you. Otherwise, it does sound intimidating.

For your work at home experience to be not that frightening, all you have to do is set your budget carefully. This will keep the stress off your shoulders, because then it would actually be on paper. Having a set budget will restrain you from spending too much even though you have higher profits, and even when you are below quota. Seeing the financial trends go up and down can actually be an exciting part of your experience.

Work at home experience preparation step 3: Brace yourself for a shift in pacing.

You might be coming from a very active nine to five job shifting to a work at home experience. But you might not notice how active and physically draining your previous job was until you shift to a home-based business.

The key here is to still keep yourself moving always. There’s a big possibility that you will be tempted to have an idle lifestyle once you start working at home. But you should not allow yourself to lose activity because this will be your source of energy as well. The more lethargic you are, the more you would not be able to focus and finish your tasks properly. You can combat this by setting aside time for physical workouts – for example, exercise, or walking to the store for errands, or fulfilling household chores from time to time. The more active you are, the more active your brain is so you can think of more ideas for your work from home business.

As the saying goes, the best defense is the best offense. Preparing yourself mentally, emotionally and physically is the best way to combat all the negative issues of a work at home experience.

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Job Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

job interview questionsJob interview questions should be well researched and well prepared for. A job interview can make or break one’s employment goals. So before your interview date, you should already study beforehand the possible questions that will be asked so you will be ready with the answers. That way, you will be more confident in answering and acing those questions.

Here are the 10 most common interview questions that applicants must prepare for, alongside how to answer them correctly.

10 Common job interview questions

Common job interview questions #1 why should we hire you?

This question often stuns applicants. The answer should of course be convincing, more convincing than what your competitors will say. To answer this, you should state your experiences and achievements which you feel would be beneficial to the company. State it in a way that you are confident and how much excited you are to be part of the company.

Common job interview questions #2 what are your weaknesses?

This is a double-edged sword question. You wouldn’t want them to see your weak side yet you still have to answer the question correctly. So to answer this, minimize your weaknesses and instead focus on your strengths. At the same time, mention the steps you are currently taking in overcoming your weakness.

Common job interview questions #3 where do you see yourself five years from now?

Instead of talking about the distant future, talk about short-term goals and the steps you are currently taking in order to reach these. Don’t forget to mention the company you are applying in as part of your career goals.

Common job interview questions #4 why do you want to work in our company?

This questions tests how really personally interested the applicant is in the company and not just because he found out of the opening. You must sound convincing in the way you talk about the company and the job you want.

Common job interview questions #5 why did you leave your previous job?

This question tests how professional the applicant is and his ability to stay in a job. Be careful not to say anything negative about your previous employer or boss because this will be a reflection of your character. Probably the best way to answer this is just by saying you are searching for better career opportunities or is open to expanding your current knowledge.

Common job interview questions #6 give three positive points would your previous supervisor would say about you.

Provide them with your good qualities that your previous employers have noticed, including praises of co-workers. This may be from your previous evaluation, or even from simple anecdotes and work experiences.

Common job interview questions #7 when were you most satisfied in your job?

This is a tricky question because it sheds a light on the type of employee that you were and you might be when the company accepts you. So be careful not to say anything negative about your previous job, but rather discuss your personal career goals and things that motivate you in a job.

Common job interview questions #8 How much is your expected salary?

Questions about salary often give a hint that the company is highly considering you. Potential employers would then ask about your previous compensation package, which gives them a range somehow of your asking salary. The best way to answer this is to say that you are expecting something similar to your previous package. Or if you are really interested in getting the job, say that you are open to any amount they feel is apt for the position you are seeking.

Common job interview questions #9 what can you do for us that other candidates cannot offer?

This is similar to that question on why they should hire you but a trickier one. Some applicants freeze upon hearing this. But if you have prepared yourself to answer this question, you should answer it with full confidence. Mention your positive qualities that you deem fit for the person they are looking for.

Common job interview questions #10 if you were an animal, what can of animal would you be?

You might find the question a bit odd and far from work experience questions. But this question actually gauges your personality more than career related concerns. Think of the qualities needed in that the person they are looking for and think of an animal that best fits this.

These are just a few of the most common job interview questions that are usually asked by companies. Make sure you come prepared on your next interview so you can ace that job. You should also research for more interview questions if you want to prepare more.

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Work from Home

Should you go Freelance: Yes or No?

freelanceFreelance – should you choose this path? Freelancing is an opportunity that I’ve thought of over a very long time. I have been considering freelancing as a way to work from home. But the logical answer always wins, because I have so many questions. How will we survive? I feel that I can’t survive working through freelance jobs only.

I’m a single mom, with kids to think of. If I choose it, I need to be sure of my success. Failure is unacceptable for me, and it’s unacceptable for my family. If the job doesn’t work out that would mean my kids would eat nothing. But I’m also thinking of the benefits of freelance. So what should I do?

– Abby

Dear Abby,

I’m glad you asked. You remind me of myself seven years ago. I was asking almost the very same questions about freelancing work. I also had to take care of a needy one-month old child (now, I have two children to think of). It was also something I was considering for a while. I wanted to leap into the freelance world, but I wasn’t certain of anything. I asked myself: would freelancing mean success or failure?

And Abby, I understand what you mean by failure. I also couldn’t —and can’t— afford to fail. But I know that everyone is different, and I was in a different situation that you were in then. The circumstances surrounding our decision to go freelance are not the same.

But one thing remains the same. It’s the passion, drive and motivation to move out of the corporate confines, into a working environment that’s freer and more you.

It comes down to you. These are good questions to ask yourself:

What Do You Want?

You have to know what you want in order to be clear about your decision. Do you want more freedom? Do you want to answer to no one? Do you want to earn more money from a business on your own, over time?

If what you want is more control over your life, then that’s a yes for going freelance.

What Are You Willing to Do to Succeed in Freelance?

But the decision to go into freelancing also involves what you’ll do after you take the leap. Ask yourself, are you willing to learn everything there is to know about being successful in the freelancing world? Will you do anything to survive, if you were thrown into the business world?

More importantly, it’s about how you will adapt. Are you willing to learn, to make mistakes, to make amends, and to continue making deals and compromises? If you think you have the will, then maybe freelance really is for you.

What Can You Do?

Lastly, it’s a question of capability. This work is a different playing field compared to corporate work. Can you negotiate with people? Can you admit mistakes and make amends?

And you should know if the freelance job fits your abilities. Can you be flexible? Can you work with technology, especially online programs and the internet? Can you discard conventional ways of doing business? Can you be reliable and trustworthy?

All of these questions are important things to ask. The decision is yours to make. That’s as far as I can help you, because I’m not you and I am not in your position.

Before you jump into the freelancing bandwagon, always be sure to think whether or not you are prepared enough.

Other Considerations

It’s impossible to guarantee success in the freelance world. Do you have the financial reserves for the beginning of your career in freelancing? It might take a while for you to earn enough money. Before then, you’ll have to make sure your kids can eat.

Do you have the support of your friends and family? Often, your support system and the approval of others make an impact on whether or not you can truly continue with a freelance job.

Can you walk that extra mile to turn your dream into a reality?

Right now, you are standing at the edge of a cliff, trying to make the best decision for you and your family. Before going into freelancing, make sure that you ask all of these questions and think about these other considerations. Learn from mistakes, and communicate. Trust your instincts.

If within six months and you’re still not earning well, you can go back to conventional employment. But if you’re earning $150 per month, I say there’s reason to continue with freelance work. Believe in yourself. Good luck with your decision on freelancing, Abby.

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Marketing Online Websites

Low Cost Website Promotion to Boost Your Business

low cost website promotionLow cost website promotion requires skill, strategy and effort. Nowadays, any aspiring entrepreneur can build and own a website to sell their products and services to their target audience. They could even try to promote their business with low cost website promotion.

But not all web-masters are successful with their attempts. Many individual owners and companies lack the essential factor of success. To get low cost promotion that would give your site traffic all day through, you would need a low cost website promotion strategy that really works.

If you are already succeeding at increasing your site traffic through some low cost promotion strategy, then I applaud you. But for those who need assistance, or for those who have no patience yet to successfully promote their own products and services, and even for those who lack the knowledge to effectively advertise their business, here are some tried and tested guidelines in low cost web promotion.

Search Engine Submission

There are two basic parts to a low cost website promotion: search engine submission and ranking. Both of these parts have a similar effect on the market, ensuring that your business’ products and services will catch the attention of more customers.

The first step, search engine submission, is an inexpensive method of low cost website promotion. It involves filing information and then submitting your website to search engines for listing. There are two types of search engine submission: manual, and automatic.

The preferred and popular option is to go for automatic search engine submission. It’s more effective and convenient. After filling up the information, a software program will forward your input to other search engines automatically.

Search Engine Ranking

Ranking refers to the numerical position of your business in a search engine, based upon your website’s criteria or category. Usually, websites are ranked in the order of how many websites link to each page of your website. The more links you have, the higher you are in the results page.

Leading websites on this order and classification would eventually reap the benefits of low cost website promotion. More people will click on their websites.

Other Types of Low Cost Website Promotion

There are other ways to market your business online. Banner advertisements are pop up ads above and below web pages, and sometimes in another window. Text links and section sponsorship are other options that may cost more, but do more help in promoting your content to your specific target audience.

Banner advertising, classified ads, text links and section sponsorships are all forms of low cost website promotion that can help you boost your business. It won’t hurt to try these methods.

Each passing day that you don’t use an effective low cost web promotion is a day where your website hits are being significantly affected. Don’t waste time. Find an effective low cost website promotion strategy that fits your business today.

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Print Design

Profiting from Brochures, the Smart Way

profiting from brochuresProfiting from brochures is all about strategy. It’s not just about what kind of brochure you give out, whether they be letter bi-fold, folder with flap and inserts, letter tri-fold, and double letter bi-fold types of brochures. It’s also about how you distribute your brochures. Much like posters, flyers, print advertisements, newsletters and catalogs, brochures are popular tools to forward promotional or informative tasks. They’re one of the highly effective ways you can create, develop and market your business identity. If you want to start profiting from brochures, here are a few tips.

Profiting from Brochures Requires Vision

You don’t just print your logo, a list of your services and contact details on a piece of paper and call it a brochure. An effective brochure has to be an accurate representation of the brand you are trying to create. Everything from the paper stock card, the format of the text and graphics, the color scheme, the purpose of your handouts and the number of copies you give out say a lot about what kind of business you have.

Profiting from brochures means having to be more meticulous. If you want your customers to appreciate your business or at least be curious about it, you have to be sensitive to these details. A well-crafted and well-designed batch of brochures can certainly help you on your way to profiting from brochures. It’s a sound investment.

Distributing Your Brochure

Aside from considering the material you’re giving out, you also have to think of how you plan to reach your customers. Think of your target audience and market as a business. If you’re business wants to cater younger generations, it would be better to distribute your brochures in places where young people like to hangout or relax. Profiting from brochures require a grasp of the market and its dynamics. Even if you aren’t an expert yet, knowing your potential customers and pinpointing strategic locations is a step towards profiting from these brochures.

Profiting from these means choosing a good location. You can send it out to customers:

  • In the lobby of a busy building or commercial center
  • Near the store
  • In a booth in a trading show

You can even try going to unconventional locations to try to start profiting from brochures.

Start Profiting from Brochure

You might experience a short boom in brochure distribution, but after some time, you might notice that no one’s getting your brochures anymore. That’s a sure way to fail profiting from brochures. Here are more effective strategies to get people to accept your brochures and recognize your business identity:

  • Get your address book out. Contact old friends and acquaintances you’ve met over one seminar or the other. Approach them with an offer to help each other’s business out, and send them a copy of your brochure with a personal note about one of your products attached.
  • Give out special offer coupons. A sure way to attract customers is to offer them more value for their money. Encourage them to engage with your business by giving them discounts. You can also use a referrals system. Be sure to keep in touch and call within a week.
  • Go online. Online marketing is a powerful tool to boost your profiting from brochures strategies. The virtual market is active, dynamic and open to new experiences.

Making brochures a marketing strategy isn’t just about printing paper and giving them to people. A smart and effective promotional and informative strategy considers multiple techniques that would guarantee you profiting from brochures.


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The Secrets to Better Marketing

better marketingBetter marketing is the goal of every business. Who doesn’t want to be better  in marketing – more products and services, more customers, more profit? But how do you really get to do better? Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It is more of a trial and error kind of thing. But where do you start with better marketing?

You have to start of course somewhere when it comes to marketing. Marketing involves a lot of strategies and programs that you can use in order to sell or promote your products and services. Is it digitally through a website? Is it via old school ads on the yellow pages? Do you go with direct mailers or distribute flyers and brochures? Or do you hold a seminar, a trade show or a networking event? Have you checked if these lead you to a wider customer base and in the end, better profits?

Before we go to how you can arrive at better marketing, let us take a step back to the start.

Marketing defined

There are a lot of different definitions of marketing, but I’d to simply think of it this way. Marketing is the implementation of various strategies to come up with a consistent supply of leads for a business. This definition clearly identifies one’s goal as a marketer. And this also supports what marketers usually do to arrive at that goal – advertising through yellow pages, holding events, networking, and many others. But the big question of marketers would be – do these strategies work? How would I know which do and which do not? How can I improve these for better marketing?

Better marketing with the “And so?” test

If you would like to check if these methods and strategies are working for you, you should subject each to the “And so?” test. Let’s begin with your key campaign message across most of your materials. Read it aloud and then ask yourself these questions – “And so?” “So what?” “What’s in it for me?” If you cannot answer these questions well, if they do not solve your current business problem, or they do not seem appealing enough for your target audience, then you should reconsider your strategies for better marketing.

If these just talk about the company history, or a listing of current products and services, then most likely they are doomed to fail the “And so?” test.

Check upon all your marketing material messages. Do they yield the same answers?

If your marketing materials lead you to more business-like more prospective customers, then you seem to be on the right track. But if you are still lost for answers as to how the “And so?” test will be answered, then you must start looking for ways to better marketing.

Some ideas for better marketing

1) Y should examine closely all your current marketing strategies. Which ones bring more leads to your business? Which ones worked in the past? Which ones are working for you now? Is there a need to improve on the core message in order to yield better marketing results?

2) Apart from the “And so?” test, there is also the X-O test. To use this, make a listing of all marketing tools you use. And then upon reviewing, you just have to put an X-mark every time a marketing tool uses your brand, product, company name. Put instead an O-mark if it mentions the name of the prospect, name of the company or the words “you” or “your.”

3) Feedbacks are very useful when it comes to better marketing. Gather up some people who you think can give constructive criticism. These will help improve your material’s messaging so you can test it again via the “And so?” test. Get ready to receive all kinds of feedback, even negative ones. Remember that these could help you in terms of better marketing ideas.

4) When you accept feedback, ask follow-up questions so you can get to the core of their issue. If for example they said that they did not like the message because it was too long and detailed, ask why they felt so and which particular parts they feel can be left out. Better marketing is about garnering realistic answers more than just getting opinionated responses.

5) In the end, it urges you to not forget that your message must be directed towards a certain target audience. If your message is too broad and does not clearly talk to a certain group of people, it will clearly fail the “And so?” test.

Go back to the very core of your business when it comes to your goals, your target, your products and services, in order to find the right better marketing strategies.

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Cost Effective Business Marketing: Scratch and Win Customers!

cost effective business marketingCost effective business marketing means being innovative, strategic and new. One of the ways you can improve on your promotion of your business is by considering a non-traditional marketing strategy: scratch and win promotion! Scratch and win promotions are highly profitable, because they’re a cost effective business marketing strategy that is successful in reaching customers. This is because a good business marketing strategy considers what the customers want.

Customers want value for their money. They like to get extra value in their purchases. Your cost effective business marketing strategy should consider this aspect of consumers. Most people want to get more than what they paid for. This is why when they are faced with the prospects of winning something, they’re more likely to avail of your business. Scratch cards are a way to make your business win.

This cost effective business marketing strategy is perfect for new or existing products. Because people are naturally incentivized to join competitions they might win, it increases the excitement and traffic for your business.

Using Scratch Cards as a Cost Effective Business Marketing Tool

Business marketing tools also means being more creative in how you apply your different strategies. There are many different ways using scratch cards can benefit your business. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Scratch and Win Direct Mail Promotion — Connect directly with your current and future customers, and make them feel more invested in your business. You can give them the opportunity to earn a percentage of saving from their first purchase with this cost effective business marketing tool.
  2. Scratch Card Employee Incentive Program — This program can increase employee production and work efficacy. Giving people the equal chance to win a prize generates enthusiasm, and boosts employee morale as well. More interest and more commitment to your brand are the results of cost effective business marketing.
  3. Scratch Card Fundraising Program — A way to directly increase your production rate through marketing is by developing a fundraising program. It’s a way to visibly earn money.

Create excitement for your product, growth in your business, and bigger numbers for sales with cost effective business marketing.

Other Benefits of Scratch Cards 

Scratch cards attract potential customers into learning more about the products and services your business offers. You can generate a database of prospects for there.

Using this cost effective business marketing tool will also give your business a creative edge against other businesses. Scratch cards are not the typical kind of advertising. Being new will definitely work in your favor.

Sounds exciting? It is. In as little as 10 days, you can get your scratch cards and start building your business. Give your customers that extra excitement. Contact specialists now to talk to you about scratch cards.

For more information, visit the following link:

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Career Change – Develop the Mental Strength to Bring the Change

career changeCareer change may seem to be just one of your day-to-day decision making actions. It may look simple when you advise others to change their careers, but if it is you who will be in that cross road, I could be one of the most difficult things you will decide on. If it will be me or you who will decide on whether to have a career change or not, it will surely be a really though move to make. A change of career needs preparation, financially, emotionally and mentally. It necessitates mental preparation since it will affect various aspects of not only your life but also of those around you, particularly those who depend you. A career change could result in the sudden change of household arrangements. A change in your career could also affect you and/or your family’s buying power. If worse comes to worst, a change of career could turn your life upside down. To prepare yourself for whatever will happen with a change of career, you should prepare and set your mind to it.

What you need when you are planning on having a career change?

A change of career could either go smoothly or go rough for you. It could either bring you right up your alley or stir you to a far and wrong direction. Changing one’s career could be very different and difficult in the beginning. It could put you on a totally uncomfortable zone. In certain drastic career changes, people had to learn new skills, knowledge and techniques that are totally alien to them. For some it could go smoothly and could really work for them and they would be happier and more at peace due to their career change. One could do this by tweaking their career choices. It may take place while one person is learning or shifting to a career that is still aligned with the current one. Thereafter, a slow change different from the old one will slowly take place. His process of career change entails a lot of mental preparation as it could mean more paper work. Learning a new career while maintaining your current work requires mental preparation as there could be work overload.

If one will think of having a career change, the first hindrance to changing careers is the anxiety of having or choosing the wrong career path.  There could also be that question as to whether the result will turn out for the better not only for yourself but also for your family. Is it really necessary for me to have a career change? Self-assessment is required to determine whether a change is in proper place. Mentally assessing one’s mental faculties and capacities to adopt to change is pertinent.

It must still be in line with your overall life or long-term goals. You must look and analyze as to how your career change will course through your goal in life. At the end of the day, it entails a lot of mental preparation.

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Management Tips

Drug Testing: A Dilemma in the Workforce

drug testingDrug testing is now a mandatory requirement in most, if not all, job applications. There was a time when it was not even a known word combination but because of the prevalence of drug abuse in every level of our society, you can’t get a job nowadays if you don’t pass the test. It’s a reality that that drugs have infected teens and adults likewise, whether rich or poor.

Drug Testing: Is It a Workforce Dilemma?

So, if you’ve been a user and you are applying for a job, then you may have a problem with drug testing. Or if you are already employed, you may be aware that there are also companies that conduct random and unannounced drug test with the intention of identifying employees who are into drugs and hopefully stopping cases of drug abuse.

The point of drug testing is for employers to prohibit the employment of individuals who are tested positive for use of drugs. The reason is that for employers, the cost of employees with problems of substance abuse is shocking. The cost is twice as much when it comes to medical bills and workmen’s compensation claims. In fact, according to statistics, crimes involving drugs are the second largest expense to their employers. Among the expenses involve are lost productivity for victims and lost employees due to incarceration for imes.

The advent of drug test in the workplace is shown to have a positive result. Based on statistics, rates of use have continued to decline since 1992 and remain stable today at around 7%. Furthermore, the implementation of drug testing programs in work environments have become easier and with minimum costs. Oftentimes, business owners don’t even have to conduct their own drug test since they can now have access to many companies that have testing administrators. These drug testing companies provide your business or company with everything that you need to facilitate drug tests of your employees. What you do is simply to notify the administering company and they will handle the rest of the job like onsite interviewing and testing and providing you with the results thereafter.

What can drug testing companies offer?

Testing for drugs is readily available for the most common illegal drugs. If you want to test for other drugs, they can be incorporated at your request.  Drug testing is done using test kits where the subject of the test is required to supply his or her urine in a tube, vial, or small cup provided by the administrator. Other less common methods involve a person’s saliva, hair, or blood. However, it is considered that urine provides the most reliable results with the least expense.


With all these said, drug testing is not really a workforce dilemma on the part of the employer. It is actually a problem of those who are into drugs.

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Promoting Your Business: Five Easy Strategies

promoting your businessPromoting your business is an essential step in becoming a successful business owner. After all, your customer base will only grow if people know that your business exists. A good and effective promotional plan is especially important for any home-based business owner looking to grow and develop their enterprise. Luckily, promoting your business can be done in many effective ways. There are several ways of promoting a business all over the world to attract potential customers.

Here are five easy and tested steps.

  1. Promoting Your Business Starts with a Marketing Plan.

The first strategy is writing a clear and consistent marketing plan. You have to outline everything that you plant to do as far as promoting your business is concerned. This marketing plan will be your sure guide as you go through the different stages and steps of marketing.

Some people promote as they go along, improvising their next steps in marketing. But to be more successful in promoting your business, you ahve to have a vision.

  1. Make Use of a Great Website.

One sure way to promote your business around the world is to put up a business website. Your website can inform potential customers about your business. All you have to do is to make sure you have a top notch website that would attract people.

Promoting your business has never been this easy; in fact, putting up a great website wasn’t an option in the old days. You have to maximize this option as much as you can.

  1. Do Online Promotions.

There are other ways to reach your audience across the web. Investing in ads or advertisements in ezines have proven to be a success. Promoting your business isn’t just about getting your name about there. Promoting means getting your name across to the right people.

Buying ads in ezines that are related to the business you offer would mean you’re more likely to get your target audience. Unlike general ads online, targeted ads correspond to your company and are therefore more effective.

  1. Connect with Your Future Customers.

A personal touch can be a great step in promoting your business, which is why you shouldn’t disregard traditional ways of advertising just yet. Direct mail promotion is also easy. You obtain a mailing list, and send out materials that may interest or intrigue your future customers. This step may look outdated but it is still successful.

  1. Be Consistent in Promoting Your Business.

Promoting your business doesn’t end with jus a few steps. You have to be guided by a plan, and you can even branch out and search different other promotional tactics you can use. You have to keep customers coming. So you should find a couple of promotional strategies that would work for you, and stick with them.


The only way for a business to continuously grow is through consistently promoting your business, so keep trying out the different promotional tactics available and see results in no time!

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