writing with keywordsWriting with keywords is an SEO copywriting activity that people can easily do incorrectly. I suppose it is seen as a big problem. Using keywords does pose a possibility of lowering the reputation of SEO copywriters. Sometimes, it can just be small reasons like carelessness or amateur writing.

Writing with keywords, formally or informally, requires finesse and a lot of practice. It does not only involve using keywords to reach a quota of the use of the words per article. Using keywords in such a way that they are cleverly placed in the articles. In such manner that will not irritate the reader but could still effectively encourage their purchases.

In truth, when doing something, whether it is SEO copywriting that requires writing with keywords or simply creative writing, there are two mistakes that every amateur seem to make.

Two Very Common Mistakes when Writing with Keywords

  1. Creating a List.

For instance, you try to visit a homepage of a certain website that happens to sell certain products. Let’s say, hair care. While reading, you realize that the person who wrote it must have been writing with keywords. You keep seeing a string or trail of words that always seem to pop out. The obvious writing with the use of keywords looks like this:

“We Have an Amazing Selection of Hair Salon Supplies, Hair Salon Equipment and Professional Manicure Tables on the Internet

Shopping for hair salon supplies, hair salon equipment and professional manicure tables? We are a seller that can offer you not only the best selection but also excellent service. Because we know how expensive buying for hair salon supplies, hair salon equipment and professional manicure tables can be, we also offer our products at the lowest prices.

So trust WXYZ Beauty Supply Company, we are sure to give you the widest selection of hair salon supplies, hair salon equipment and professional manicure tables in stock every day. Order anytime! We can send them within 24 hours with shipping free of charge if your orders for hair salon supplies, hair salon equipment and professional manicure tables are over $100.”

Did you try to read it? Wasn’t writing with keywords just so uncreatively made? It becomes so obvious that the article was simply written to comply with an article that involves keywords? Writing using keywords in this example looks so painful to read. Visitors of the website might not even bother reading them. Or won’t even visit the site ever again!

Writing with keywords in this format is just far too repetitive. Instead of doing this, try using keywords by separating them. Discuss each one in their own sections. Talk about the beauty products one by one. Do not use the keywords altogether. This way, you will also be able to give a little more detail about each product.

  1. Replacing Generic Words with Keywords.

This technique is perfectly normal if you really are required to submit your article or writing with keywords. But it’s a practice you have to use in moderation. Amateurs always commit this mistake. Instead of finding ways to add keywords to their articles, they tend to overuse this or see this as their only technique. Hence, their writing with keywords just sounds completely stupid. Let’s have another example:

“New York Web Designs

Our New York Web design firm is perfect for offering high level of creativity that will tailor to businesses in the area. Our New York Web design styles are made originally. You are assured that each New York Web design is uniquely made just for you.”

If you were a customer reading this or in the web design company hearing people advertise their company to you in that manner, you would probably doubt their sanity. Stop writing what would be convenient for you. Try thinking like your client’s customer. In writing with keywords, the important thing is to give your client what they want without prejudice to the quality of your work.

Look at this proper example:

“Creative, upbeat and original. These are the words that best describes the online businesses based in New York. Your company’s website deserves this kind of uniqueness and highly sophisticated web design. Here in New York Web Design, we never make websites from templates to show the true reflection of your corporate personality. We work exclusively with companies located in New York, our web designs captures the busy yet sophisticated take on your online business website.”

See the difference? The phrases are shortened through punctuation. The keywords don’t sound repetitive at all. These are small changes that can make writing with keywords sound a lot better.

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