writing mythsWriting myths dissuade some people from pursuing their writing careers. These myths are what you often hear as gossips that you talk about. At some point, these gossips can either be fun, or dangerous because of quickly it spreads. However, writing is not alone. Other professions suffer the same fate. Here are some of the myths that you as a prospective writer should know about.

Writing myths that people shouldn’t believe

  • One of the most common myths is that writing is easy. Not for everyone, only for some people. Well, not exactly anyway. Some writing projects can take a toll on the author. Some topics would take a lot of hard work, research, knowledge, and even experience just to be manageable. Even known writers and authors experience this difficulty.

However, this doesn’t mean that writing would be hard forever for you. With a lot patience, experience and practice, you would be able to widen your arsenal in writing. Eventually, you will reach a point where most topics will be easy for you to write about. You might even be able to reach a point that you can write on auto pilot simply because you know a lot about the topic. However, this takes a lot of time. It doesn’t get easy overnight.

  • Another one of those writing myths is that writing requires a lot of talent. At some degree, sure it does. However, it doesn’t mean that writing is exclusively to those that are talented writers.

The thing about writing is that the skill needed to excel on it can be learned. Talent is not a necessary skill in order to produce top quality works. Though it would help, there is another way.

If you believe you don’t have the skill for it then all you need is time and practice. You can actually learn from others by reading their works. All you need is dedication and the will to learn. In no time, you can write great works even if you start without talent.

  • One of the writing myths is actually hurtful to you and other writers. This is not true at any level. Writing is a skill developed throughout the history of the world. All profession in the world, not necessarily writing, needs a writer in their midst. People will see that written communication is seen in every profession, though they vary. Even if you are not a writer, you can take a job by simply writing your resume. You can even advance in your line of work through writing.
  • Another of the writing myths is that you can’t make a living through this profession. If you tell people that you’ll do writing as a living, they might be worried about how you’d support yourself.

The truth about writing is that there are a lot of opportunities available for writers all over the world. All you would need is a computer and a reliable internet connection. You can connect to different employers looking for a full time or part time writer. This means that if you just look a bit deeper in the internet, you’ll see a lot of businesses urging you to apply with them.

  • People say that all writers suffer severely from writer’s block. This is one of the writing myths that have some truth in it. Writer’s block is actually experienced by all writers, whether they are already established author’s or still beginners. It’s either the writer that makes his own writer’s block, or the one that experience it because of an incomplete thought or idea.

The first one are writers who try to write the perfect work. They tend to choose to write in the perfect conditions that are sometimes beyond comprehension. The second one are the writers that have the premise, but fail to finish the thought before putting it on paper.

Though this myth is true, it is not without a remedy. If you are one of the first kind, all you have to do is become flexible. Let yourself free allow yourself to write in any and all conditions. If you are one of the second kind, make sure to think everything out first before you start writing.

Not because there are rumors about writing, means that you have to listen to them. Some of them are not true. To those that are, these writing myths have a way around that you can understand easily.

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