writing improvementWriting improvement should be mastered. It’s one of the most useful skills in the workplace. There are many repercussions if you’re not keen on improving writing. It’s bad for business. It can cause a decline of sales. Furthermore, it can harm your status as an employee. You don’t want your boss reprimanding you all the time, right?

Written outputs are produced day in and day out. It’s highly possible to commit mistakes. If undetected, ungrammatical sentences and misspelled words might become normal. This is the main reason why there should be efforts in writing improvement.

Your writing says so much about you. It reflects your work ethic. It also measures how dedicated you are. Respect your readers. You don’t want to waste their time with badly written write-ups. Don’t alienate them with your obscure words. Connect as clearly as possible.

You have to make better connections with your readers. They may be your boss, your client, and your colleagues. Basically, these are the people you work with. This is your chance to make an impression. Focus on writing improvement. Don’t think of it lightly.

It doesn’t matter how skilled a writer you are. There’s always room for improvement—this goes for everyone. Allot some effort for improvement. To put it simply: improvement of writing is self-improvement.

Avoid common writing mistakes by familiarizing yourself with these tips:

Establish your goal

This is the first step in writing improvement. Understand the task at hand. Know your goal. Build your content based on this goal.  Write with a clear destination (conclusion). Don’t go around in circles. Your readers will understand you better if you are direct.

Before you begin, ask yourself these questions: What do I want to say? What is the purpose of my write-up? Is it to entertain, report, inform, challenge, persuade, educate, invite? Etc.


This is a crucial part of writing improvement. Be sensitive to your audience. The language that you will use is dependent on them. Be mindful of your vocabulary and word choice. Use words that they can easily comprehend.

To help you out, ask yourself these questions: For whom am I writing? How familiar are they with my topic? How much information will I share? Do they have short attention span?

Make an outline

This is your structure. It will give you a sense of direction. It will also be easier to write if you have a well thought-out outline.

Writing improvement means getting rid of the unnecessary. Don’t put ideas that are not relevant. You don’t want to confuse your readers. Stick to your outline.

Write what you know

You have to be honest. Write about the things that you know. Write about what you’re good at. If you’re faced with a project that you know nothing about, do some research. This will give you confidence.

You don’t have to wait for inspiration to kick in. Just write what you have at the moment. You can always edit afterwards. Go ahead—open a new word document. If you’re serious with writing improvement, you have to jump right in


This is an important method in improving writing. Take a break from writing. Step away from the keyboard. You’ll have fresh eyes once you come back. This will allow you to look at your work differently.

When you rewrite, trim away what’s not needed.  Avoid repetitions. This is tiring for the reader. If you must repeat, do so with the intent of emphasizing your ideas.

Writing improvement requires familiarizing yourself with grammatical rules

A huge part of writing improvement is reviewing rules. You’ve probably learned all of these in school. Still, this does not mean that you’re not capable of committing grammar boo-boos. Improvement can be challenging because of this.

Be careful with your punctuation. Know the proper way of putting apostrophes and commas. If you’ve forgotten about split infinitives, review them as well. MS word’s autocorrect is not always right. Master your spelling. Lastly, always use the active voice. It will make your writing more formal.

These are just some of the rules you should be familiar of. There are many grammar sites you can consult. Remember: You can’t escape grammar lessons in the process of writing improvement!

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