writing ideasWriting ideas are hard to come by. Mental block is the worst form of stumbling block for writers. There are actually a lot of ideas for writing posted on the net, or maybe some self-help books where you can learn a lot from. If writing ideas and writing a book comes as difficult, then what more if it is the publicity and marketing part already. One recommendation is look at things from another perspective. Imagine hopping aboard a plane, being forty thousand feet above the air. A bird’s eye view will most likely reveal to you some things that might have not seen before.

How to Achieve Writing Ideas and Marketing Tips from a Top View Perspective

To get more writing ideas and marketing ideas via this bird’s eye view, first you need to have a white board, or anything big enough where you can craft your flight plans on. And after you have set your plans, begin by charting the course you have taken on until this point. Make sure you cover everything and not miss out a thing, no matter whatever it is. Your goal output must be a serious list of everything you have achieved so far from the first time you had your proof book.

Achieving writing ideas and marketing plans through this type of method will provide you a fresh perspective on what you are actually doing and if you are on the right path. It can reveal on which areas you have probably been overspending on, or the possible loopholes in your current campaign. Mapping out your marketing plan will also allow you to see which of your writing ideas and marketing executions have been producing positive results and which ones haven’t. Take not that some areas such as bulk sales and national media demand for a longer time so you might want to exert more effort toward these long-term effects. For instance, let’s assume you have placed a lot of your writing ideas and marketing efforts on radio promotions but it doesn’t seem to be working that much. Then you go over your other lined up campaigns and notice you haven’t done much in the speaking engagement section. This only goes to show that you might need to cut down on radio a bit and instead put your writing ideas and marketing efforts on the speaking events.

After you have devoted time in this bird’s eye view perspective, it’s now time to begin creating a to-do list or add items to your current list of ideas and marketing executions. One of the various stuff you will achieve from this forty thousand feet above perspective is that we often look too much on the big picture that we forget that the little things matter. It is also possible that you focus too much on some writing ideas and marketing campaigns that you neglect the others. Or the amount of efforts you put are not tantamount to the desired output per step along the way. Taking a few steps back will give you some space to breathe, so that you can check back and reset your goals if needed. Then you can concentrate and give the right amount of effort to the right writing ideas and marketing executions that really need it.


The view from up above is really different and refreshing. You need to try it once in a while to get to successful ideas and marketing campaigns. Have a safe flight!

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