writing e booksWriting e-books is fast becoming one of the most popular strategies when it comes to marketing a business. If you are a businessman and you have a knack for writing, you might want to give writing an e-book a shot. Not only is writing e-books easier than publishing a printed book, it is also a very cost effective method of advertising or your business or promoting yourself as a writer.

Advantages of writing e-books

Maybe you have been sending your manuscript to several publishers, hoping that one of them will notice your work. Unfortunately, luck has not been on your side. Instead of giving up on writing, why don’t you try writing an e-book and publishing them yourself online? Here are some advantages and why you should give it a try.

Writing e-books allows you to get feedback and hone your writing skills.

Writing e-books and publishing them online would give you an opportunity to hear from your online readers about what they think of your work. You may take note of those constructive criticisms and use them to improve your work. Writing e-books would help refine your writing skills. Who knows, maybe eventually, it will be the publishers who will come knocking at your door.

Writing e-books barely costs anything.

Self-publishing a book can be quite expensive due to the printing and other production or circulation costs. In writing e-books, as long as you have a working computer and good internet connection, you can write and distribute your work without spending a dime.

Writing e-books is environmentally friendly.

The papers used for printing books basically come from trees. The higher the demands for paper, the more trees will be cut down, some maybe even illegally. The declining number of trees in the world contributes greatly to climate change. It is a simple way of helping save the environment, since you wouldn’t need paper to print and distribute it to your readers.

Writing e-books is easy as 1-2-3.

Contrary to what most people think, publishing and writing e-books are quite easy. You can simply write it using any word processor on your computer, save it as PDF and post it in your website or social media. You can even join forums and circulate your e-book there.

A word of caution

Before you distribute your e-book online, you have to make sure that no one else could steal your work and claim it as his or her own. Intellectual property rights can be protected by registering your work in the concerned government agency. This process may require time, money and effort from you, but it is something that you have to do if you don’t want people plagiarizing your work.

The World Wide Web is a great venue to publish your work, whether you are an amateur or an experienced writer. Writing e-books and distributing them online is a great way to promote your business because it allows you to reach a larger audience without the hassle and cost of publishing a printed book.

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