writer s blockWriter’s block is an experience that many writers dread. It is the sudden and often inexplicable inability to create or continue your manuscript. In other words, it bars all the words from leaving your mind and being brought to your paper. A lot of people who don’t write have certain stereotypes regarding writer’s block. The truth is, it isn’t something that you can just drink medicine for. Many times, a writer has many different stories and ideas in their mind and yet is unable to put things down when they’re facing the screen. It’s a writing disease, but it doesn’t have to kill you.

Everyone experiences writer’s block

The first thing to do is remember that you’re no different from every other author who gets a writer’s block. Part of the problem with people who get it is probably that it is also a battle of confidence. You should know that it happens to everyone. Also, it doesn’t mean you are unworthy or untalented just because you are unable to write things down. Writer’s block is usually about being unable to completely immerse yourself in the character, and this may be because of a few reasons. Some of these reasons include your own fears, your lack of experience in a certain aspect, or because it is touching on some things that you are unable to write about for the moment.

A few ways to stave off writer’s block

Writer’s block is hard to fight off since it isn’t an actual disease. However, there are a few ways to help yourself whenever you begin to experience it. These methods are in no way the perfect cure to it, but they are definitely great ways to get back on the right track.

  • Take a walk. A walk is a menial enough task that it wouldn’t take too much mental activity. Since it is a routine yet relaxing thing to do, it can stimulate your mind to think of other things. It also gives you the chance to reflect on the reasons you are experiencing writer’s block. You might be reaching a point in your book that you haven’t reached in your life yet, or you may be touching on some sore spots that you haven’t resolved yet. Give yourself the chance to think about these things and maybe resolve them so that you can go back to writing.
  • Be patient. Writer’s block is a disease that is not necessarily cured with time, but it is definitely aided by it. If you rush yourself to start working already, you will be hurting your own productivity and confidence. You have to be patient with both your mind and your writer’s block so that you can get back to work without harming your ideas.
  • Face it. Trying to go around it doesn’t necessarily help you get rid of it. Your best bet would be to patiently and honestly understand the cause and help yourself through the process.

Writer’s block is a new door

Instead of looking at it as a barrier, you can imagine it to be an opportunity. Writer’s block encourages you to try new things and become more than you already are. To fight through it, you will have to fix your inner unresolved problems and understand your fears. If you are unable to do this, you will not be able to survive your writer’s block.

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