write ad copyWrite ad copy that is interesting and informative is important to ensure client visits and gather new visitors to your website. But this task is not only tedious but burdensome since you need to write copy that is effective and can capture the attention of your potential clients. Thus, some of these website owners shed out money to hire writers to write ad copy for them. However, they sometimes ended up frustrated because of the quality of the ad copy produced which are similar to a third grade essay.

That is why some of these website owners opt to write ad copies themselves. However, to write copy successfully cannot be done overnight. With this, you could do what marketing gurus do: use “swipe file”.

To use swipe file to write ad copy does not mean to plagiarize every articles that will caught your attention, but to take inspiration from these articles and write copy using your own style.

Write Ad Copy Using Swipe Files

Here are the ways to write copy using swipe files:

  1. Whenever you read an article that caught your attention and made you want to buy the product being advertised, print that copy and encircle the things or phrases that made you want to buy and put it in a notebook or folder. For an organized file, you could also label the files depending on the keywords used. Do this and you will eventually collect enough that can serve as your reference in writing ad copy.
  2. Since you now have enough swipe files to get inspiration from, every time you have to write ad copy just browse through that file and be inspired. However, you must ensure that you do not copy every word. You could use alternate words and employ your own style of writing. Considering you have vast information in your plate, you could also try to mix the phrases or words from different copies.
  3. Plagiarizing an ad is illegal but lifting inspiration from it is totally acceptable. To successfully write ad copy, you could always study how the sentences have been structured, the choice of words used, and the techniques employed by the writer. Again, there is no harm in getting inspiration from other writers, but always have your own style. After all, who would want to be called a “copy cat”.

The benefit of swipe files to successfully write ad copy is always uncontested; however, you must understand that swipe files are like your training wheels in your online marketing career. Use them to acquire the proper techniques in writing and you would not need these swipe files to write ad copy.

Always try to improve yourself. After all, your article might be the swipe file that other writers use to write copy.

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