work at home companiesWork at home companies are steadily gaining in popularity and reach. If you watch the TV or read the newspaper, you are sure to come across an advertisement for these companies. They are simply everywhere: in mid-show commercials, telephone pole flyers, advertisement boards.

These advertisements tend to promise many things. They can promise would-be workers instant wealth, or quick cash, or a steady source of additional income. Signing up for work at home companies truly sounds good. But the question is, do these companies really deliver?

Dangers of work at home companies

Companies who promise a get rich quick plan tend to be driven by scammers who prey on vulnerable workers. By the time most people have realized they have been fooled, it’s already too late.

Malicious work at home companies are very dangerous. They work because there’s a lack of quality information about the actual work, and because the promise of quick cash is just very appealing.

How does the scamming happen?

Firstly, most work at home companies lie by omission. This is one of their biggest strategies. They omit many important facts, like the fact that many, many hours are needed for a particular job, often without pay. Sometimes, workers are charged fees with no warning. All of these additional costs to time and money are things that could have been avoided.

Scam work at home companies also operate on unclear work policies. Most workers are asked to spend their own money to place newspaper ads, make photocopies, and buy work supplies like envelopes, paper and stamps.

Workers are also required to pay additional amounts for “tutorial” software and instructions. What’s unfortunate is that most of the tutorials they pay for are actually available for free where.

An unquantified number of applicants for work at home companies are continuously deceived and duped into losing their money. And it’s not just about the loss of thousands of dollars. It’s also the loss of the time and effort put into those jobs.

Classic schemes of work at home companies

Medical Billing is a type of scam that begins with the companies saying that there is a crisis in the health care industry. According to them, doctors are trying to save up money. To do this, they are looking for people who can readily take on paperwork and billing organization over the internet.

It sounds like there will be an easy case for workers to handle every time. But that’s not the case. You actually have to start the business on their own, gathering their own contacts and building their own network. Then you have to generate revenue on your own as well.

Another classic scheme by work at home companies is Envelope Stuffing. These companies will ask for a fee for them to send you instructions” on how to stuff envelopes and earn money. But after paying the fee, it becomes obvious that the “instructions” is just the same ad that you received. Then you have to send them out to attract even more people to the scheme.

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