motivational speakerMotivational speaker is someone who speaks in front of an audience with the goal of motivating or inspiring them. Business companies sometimes hire one to talk about the company’s goals and objectives, and pull the employees together. A speaker’s pep talk may be about inspiration, customer service, management, business, sales, or mentoring. But what does it take to become one? Hear these out.

Steps in becoming a motivational speaker

  1. Think about the topic you will focus on as a motivational speaker. Evaluate you audience – what do they need? What do they value most? What haven’t they heard yet? As a motivating speaker, you must offer something they have never heard or experienced before.
  2. Select your niche market. Being an effective motivational speaker includes somewhat selling a product. Evaluate your talk. Is there a specific target audience that it would appeal to the most? Make sure you mention specific stories and personal experiences and impart how these can be inspirational to your listeners.
  3. Prepare an outline. A disciplined motivational speaker knows how to lay down proper framework for his speech, but at the same time, a marketing spiel for potential customers as well. Take note that most people are visual in terms of learning, so it would be best to use visual aids that go plain talking.
  4. Expand your network. Check out other big, non-profit corporations and professional organizations that would probably be looking for a motivational speaker. Even though they are not looking for one now, let them know your contact details and availability should they need one in the future.
  5. Converse with speakers’ bureaus and let them know when you are available. There are bureaus that require payment for enlisting your service, but there are those who don’t. There are bureaus for motivational speakers that ask for a commission for being your agent. You may search online for these bureaus.
  6. Being a speaker for free will help you in the long run. Once people hear you out and know how good you are being a motivational speaker, companies will want to hire you someday. Start by being a speaker for free within your area or neighborhood.
  7. Put your name out there by writing books or articles, to prove your expertise in your chosen topic. You do not need to have hard copies of the books, you may just post your articles online in sites like WikiHow and other blogs and e-zines.
  8. Make sure you have a contract for all your engagements. Make sure it contains payment matters, such as payment terms, speaking terms – what is expected of you as the speaker, and logistical costs – travel and lodging expenses. This is to help prevent disputes in the future.

Other tips in how to become a motivational speaker

  1. Be part of a Toastmasters Club within your local. Joining such will help you gain techniques in giving out motivational speeches.
  2. Dress to impress. Dress for success.
  3. Speak audibly and repeat your message a number of times for full comprehension.
  4. Make sure your talk is lively and fun. Audience participation is key.

Final words of caution

  1. If ever you get nervous and forget the words you were about to say, pause, take one deep breath and just speak your mind out. Honest storytelling will appeal to your audience more.
  2. To avoid being nervous, instead of thinking what your audience might be thinking of you, just think about how you, a motivational speaker, can help change their lives.

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