types of catalogTypes of catalog you should use would vary depending on your business objective. But as a marketer you should well know that using these would be very beneficial for your business. Not many are familiar of the advantages of designing different types of catalog to any kind of selling their product or service. With that, this article aims to educate the people on these different types which you should consider for your business. You should note though that not all types could be applicable to your business. So you should read on and examine them to see which you can best make advantage of.

5 Types of catalog you should consider

Types of Catalog #1) Wholesale business

Of the types of catalog, the most common one would be this, the one used for wholesale business. So if you do have this kind of business and is not yet using a catalog, then you are being left out. As a wholesale business owner, you need to be constantly update your resellers on your new product offerings, on the product promos or special products you are trying to push, alongside the changes in ordering mechanics and shipping procedures if there’s any. Along with informing your resellers, you also need to find new clients. You can even send your catalog to other businesses that are not yet selling your goods.

Types of Catalog #2) Retail business

If there are types of catalog for wholesale, there are also of course those that cater to retail. Once more, designing catalog is meant to lure more clients and eventually earn more profit. Logic will tell you that the more clients you cater to, the more products they purchase, the more profit you earn. You might know this already, but designing a catalog to help you in your business, you might not be aware of yet.

But now you do. Making a catalog for your retail business will help in making the order process easier compared to before. If you could also get a list of potential clients, and send them a catalog, you can attract more clients to your business. Cataloging is also an efficient form of advertising you can do for your retail business.

Types of Catalog #3) Direct mailing business

If you currently have set-up a direct mail marketing program, then you are easily on your way to virtual success. Most probably you already have a good list of people and have already mailed something to them. Easily you can design a catalog and include it in your to-mail list, and be surprised how big your profits can grow.

Types of Catalog #4) Expensive goods

If you are a seller of extravagant products, among the types of catalog there is also one that fits this kind of business well. Examples of these high-end products are furniture, jewelry, and appliances. Since your products are high-end, your catalog needs to be high-end as well.

Therefore you must consider the kinds of images you use, they must look high-end indeed, if you want to sell these expensive goods. The people you are talking to are also sort of expecting from your catalog design so you must give the assurance of why to purchase these from you.

Types of Catalog #5) Lesser-priced goods

If there are those for expensive goods, there are also many types of catalog that cater to lower-end goods. If you are familiar with Fingerhut, that is an example. Even though you are selling affordable goods, doesn’t mean you don’t need a product catalog. The secret is in the way you design the catalog. You are selling non-expensive goods, but it must appear that they seem like expensive items. That way your customers might think that they are getting a bargain when they buy from you. That’s marketing. Remember those liquor packaged in velvety bags? The alcohol in itself does not even cost much.

This actually applies not just to affordable goods. Packaging and design matters to different types. The more they are designed well, the more you will be able to sell. Keep these in mind as you choose from the types of catalog that will suit your business well.

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