hiring a copywriterHiring a copywriter may not be easily one of the top things on one webmaster’s mind. For one, many are confused why hiring one because they don’t actually know what a copywriter does. Copywriters, from the name itself, are those who write the copy of the text of a page or an article or whatever you require of them. Simply, they are the scriptwriters. Many are led to believe that web designers are already the ones to do this. Yes some may be capable to write but if you really want the writing skills, hiring a copywriter is your best bet. There are even many different kinds of copywriters for different writing needs, and there are experienced ones and new ones. You should know how to hire well.

Why hiring a copywriter is needed

Copywriters are often silent, behind the scenes kind of people. Advertising agencies used to be the only ones to have copywriters, but now that the need for hiring a copywriter has increased through the years, the number of freelance copywriters has also increased. Their work and profession is slowly being recognized. Even celebrities go hiring a writer. Their value has now definitely increased.

Because of the World Wide Web, copywriters are very much in demand these days. That is because when it comes to webpages, content is king. And who else writes the content but the copywriters. Aside from web content, hiring a copywriter is also needed for e-mail marketing, banner advertisements, pay-per-click ads, or autoresponders. With all these content, it would be difficult to just leave the writing to your marketing or publicity department. That is why hiring one is much recommended.

When should you be hiring a copywriter?

Still not convinced? If your answer is yes to these questions, then you should be considering hiring a copywriter:

  1. Are you in business?
  2. Are you a writer? Can you compose your own text?
  3. Is there anyone from your team who can write well?
  4. Are you expecting a response from your audience?
  5. Does your site regularly publishes text?

If you now agree, then hiring a writer is for you. Here are some basic steps you could follow when hiring one.

Steps in hiring a copywriter

  1. Find the right copywriter

The first step in hiring a copywriter is of course to decide which kind of writer do you need for the project. If you need a manual to be written, then you would need a copywriter that is more technical. If you are releasing news, then you should go for a copywriter that is experienced in public relations. If you are selling something, then get a copywriter from the advertising or commercial side. Just a bit of a trivia, the top copywriters are actually the direct mail copywriters and the advertising copywriters or scriptwriters.

Remember the saying, “Jack of all traits, master of none”? That is why it is important to pick a copywriter that is an expert on a field to ensure that he is indeed more skilled that others.

  1. Review writing samples

The next step in hiring a copywriter after you have decided which specific kind of writer you need is to review your candidates’ writing works. These are proof that the copywriter you are hiring has already done successful campaigns. You can also check on his or her style of writing and if this fits the kind of copy you need for your project.

  1. Background check

Hiring a copywriter would later on need to do some background check. Calling on references may not always be helpful, because more often than not, the references would only say kind words for the person being hired. That is because one would not put a reference that he or she doesn’t trust. It would not hurt though if you take a look at the company the candidate is working in, and the background of that company. If the candidate though has worked or is working for a big company, then you should watch out for high writing fees.

  1. Writing fees

Hiring a copywriter is just like hiring any other service person – you usually get what you give. If a copywriter’s fee is too low, you might want to check on the writing experience of that person, or his work background. In demand writers do not actually need to work for $15 an hour. If you are demanding some top quality writing, then prepare for a higher price. But be mindful that there is actually a standard range for that – top writers usually ask for $30 to $120 an hour. Of course the writing quality varies, but some do not add overhead costs, but some may do if they are under an agency. You just have to weigh the costs properly.

  1. Study the writer

Last but not the least, before finally hiring a copywriter, make sure you study him well. I’m not saying go into his personal life, but rather just his professional life as a writer. You may ask him who he has already written for. Is he employed or a freelance writer? Check on his education, if he did have background on writing.

Finally, when you have chosen and hired the best writer suited for the job, make sure you treat him well, and that you pay him as agreed. After all, you are hiring him for his services.

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