website textsWebsite texts are what business owners and managing marketers use in giving life to a seemingly dull venture. Internet users turn to search engines to look for valuable websites that would be of great use to them. They often visit a site that carries great and impressive content. In simple words, website texts keep readers interested and coming back for more.

What matters to the readers are not just the facts and ideas that your article entails. Technical aspects such as readability, text formats, and font colors are also in their scrutiny. The success or failure of your business also depends on how you present web texts.

Optimizing your Website Texts

To help you out, here are 10 things you should look after in creating saleable texts for websites.

1.       Use eye-friendly colors.

Not everyone has the patience to read articles typed using heavy, uncomplimentary colors. If you want to make reading an easy task for readers, use colors recognizable even in complicated backgrounds. Do not use light colors on a light backgrounds for it might confuse readers. Same rule goes with dark colors.

2.       Build an Inviting Atmosphere.

Colors are not mere substances used to define creativity and artistry. They also create specific moods for your website texts. Remember that every color defines a state of mind or current emotion. If you want to get your readers hyped with excitement, use the strong color red. IF you want to present positivity, try light colors. Make sure that the colors you use are effective enough to attract clients.

3.       Catch their attention.

Use headlines to draw the readers’ attention to your website. Make it outstanding by creating it to be special. Make sure it stands out from other website texts by using attention-grabbing colors. This strategy hooks them to your article permanently.

4.       Emphasize keyword phrases.

Keywords orient readers what your text is all about. To highlight phrases relevant to your clients, use bold, italics, underline, or changing colors.

5.       Make it fit in.

Using extremely small or extremely large font size might lessen the effectivity of your website texts. Make your title bigger than any other text in your article. Format your headline to be big as well. And for the rest of the texts, use medium-sized fonts for better and comfortable reading experience.

6.       Refrain from using All Caps.

You are not making billboards that are intended for big spaces so drop the all caps. First of all, it is distracting and utterly annoying. Website texts should look as professional as those featured in print media.

7.       Commission proper font types.

Even in ding online business, you deal with professionals and respected people. Make sure to refrain from using comical and unreadable font types. Settle for formal fonts that create an image of professionalism and credibility.

8.       Use proper spacing.

Do not make your website texts almost touching and overlapping. Use a consistent spacing number for headlines, titles, subheadings, and body. If you are enumerating, make sure that the bulleted points are perfectly indented.

9.       Drop that bright thing.

Sure you do not want your site to be dubbed as the ultimate eyesore. By using brightly projected and colored fonts, you are subliminally telling your readers to piss off. Bright colors are not efficient in making your website texts readable.

10.   Evaluate texts multiple times.

At the end of the writing process, you still need to check if your texts have reached a good degree of readability. Check for possibilities of typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors.


Your website texts make you a leader in the seemingly endless competition that marketplaces induce. Make sure to present them properly and with the guidance of these 10 simple rules.

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