webinarWebinar (a web-based seminar) involves a communication activity in which images and messages are combined. In this technological age, it allows you to interact with the audience, create voice broadcasts parallel with an audioconference, and create long distance calls. There’s a free audioconference service in which participants can make a regular long distance call to other participants, with access points in Europe and America.

To make a webinar work for you, you should understand how they contribute to success and what best to do with them.

Webinar Brings Success

Businesses require a high degree of communication and connectivity. The conferenceware functionalities of a webinar contribute directly to facilitate success. For example, you can easily present PowerPoint presentations to different participants around the globe. Functionalities like screen sharing can pave the way for software demonstrations.

Screen sharing in a webinar can also be used for classic information sharing, like reference documents, Word files or Excel sheets. Presenters can send any necessary documents to participants with a click, whether it’s a brochure or a guide.

Presenters can even increase the level of dynamism in a webinar by submitting a question and getting the answers from the participants immediately. The display can show the results right after as well.

All of these functionalities contribute to its great benefits.

Best Practices for a Webinar

To succeed in hosting a webinar, you should prepare in different stages. Before it starts, you should promote it. This is quickly done through the internet. Using the international page, you can advertise your agenda. What can people reasonably expect to learn, contribute or participate in?

Registration is also an important pre-webinar preparation. Persons interested in participating will fill out a registration form, which is automatically deactivated after the maximum number of participants is reached. Conferenceware handles only up to 25 people for a webinar.

And while it is starting, you would benefit from customizing the webpage of your meeting room with your logo, the title, and the lead. You can even choose some music to make the waiting period more agreeable.

Lastly, you should also think about what happens after the webinar. Follow-up is just as important as the preparation and setting it up.

Participants will then be directed to a webpage of your choice after. You can give a poll. We offer a free poll service, which includes 100 persons responding a month.

You can also use the webinar report, which contains all the general information of each participant. This can be imported on a text, CSV or XML format into your CRM software. This is important to generate contact information and establish communication links in the future.

You can also get feedback from your participants via e-mail.

And finally, you can finish up with a recording of your webinar. This allows you to have the presentation demonstrated any time for your different products and services.

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