postcardsPostcards – those rectangular cardboards written on and then mailed without the need for an envelope. Would you believe they can be used for marketing and selling products and services as well? If your business is on a slump and you need a way to push for more sales fast, why don’t you consider using postcards for a change?

Internet and e-mail marketing were expected to be the rulers of the online marketing world years ago. But this was before the onslaught of spam mails and the invention of mail filters. When direct mailing fell down, it is the next hero to use for marketing. Here are five reasons to convince you how this simple strategy can help push your business bottom line.

5 Reasons why postcards work

  1. Postcards are effective in selling.

They work because they are a form of direct promotion. Create a promo through a postcard and then send it out to potential customers. You’ll know right away if it works when people come to the store and show the postcards.

They are also effective because they are simple and easy to grasp. At the same time, it incentivizes tasks so people come to you immediately.

They won’t be going anywhere anytime because the post office is a department of the government.

  1. Postcards work rapidly.

Building a brand or a company’s equity does not happen overnight. An advertisement in the newspaper needs to hit a person more than five times before it becomes memorable. Marketing cards though work simple and fast in terms of direct mailing.  

This is because when you use them in promotions, you indicate a deadline. And then you mail it out and wait for the response. If the response is not favorable, you can easily change the kind of promo to see which works.

  1. Using postcards are cost-effective.

The benefit is that you don’t need to use envelopes anymore. So you definitely save on envelope costs. You do not even have to hire someone to design them, you can do it yourself. There are postcard supplies being sold at supplies stores, and then you can use special software that already contains postcard templates or formats. Develop and design the advertisement on the software and then just print and send away. Fast and easy, and affordable.

  1. Postcards are multipurpose and adaptable.

Yellow page advertisements also do work. The only problem with them is that you only have one chance in a year to implement changes. When you release an ineffective ad, you have already paid for that for the rest of the year. Postcards meanwhile easily adapt. When you find it inefficient, you can easily design another based on what you’ve learned why the previous one did not work.

They are multipurpose as well. You can use them to announce promos and special offers. You can use them to get in tough with your current clientele so that they would not run away to the competition. You can use them to lure more potential client. You can also use them to complement your other marketing efforts.

  1. Postcards easily attract.  

With the tough competition out there, what you need to do is to catch the attention of your target market easily. There are a thousand advertisements that hit every one every single day, so you have to make your postcard promotion work. At least it’s very easy to send out and for the person receiving it to read it, no need to open an envelope. Unlike those other direct mailers that end up not being opened and thrown directly to the trash pile, postcards should be much more effective and attention-grabbing.

Those are just some of the top reasons why you should use them to boost your sales. Try it for yourself and see why you’ll love marketing.

I hope this article has given you enough reasons to look again at postcard marketing as a powerful tool in your efforts to make more profits. Don’t let the simplicity of postcard marketing fool you. Many companies have used postcards as their only means of marketing to build very successful businesses. Take another look at how they can be used effectively in your business.

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