content managementContent management is a crucial skill every marketer needs to know. There are actually numerous ways to advertise your business online. But remember that there is a profound difference between marketing online and offline.

In spite of the fact that promotions can be quite effective offline, it still is not that as effective as online. Remember that people turn to the World Wide Web to search for info. So they might be not that receptive to ads, unless the product or service presented is the answer they are looking for. That is where content management comes in.

We will discuss here five tactics that you can utilize in your business that will not just establish strategy for you, but at the same time establish quite an effective marketing strategy. Do not worry about being time-consuming, because these content management techniques surprisingly will just take a few hours of your time in a week.

5 Content Management Strategies to Attract Traffic to Your Site

1. Write and Distribute Articles

As for those who are familiar with my work, you may already have read this a dozen times, you know that articles do not just instantly make you an expert, but also an effective tool for content management, quality content that is, and you know that search engines just love content.

If you are not much fond of writing, or cannot write on your own, you can instead search for good quality articles to have in your website. The bigger your website is, the higher the probability it will show up in the search engines.

For sources of articles, you may check out these article directories:

2. Invest in Blogs

Another content management strategy is through blogging, or by using RSS, and through these, distributing your content becomes much easier. RSS is not really easily understood, nor how it can be of help to your online business. To simplify, RSS is a form of a code that is quite search engine-ready. You can add RSS feeds to your website or blog so that the content you created constantly updates on its own. And because it updates by itself, you will appear more often in the search engines, thereby enhancing your rankings.

Upon creating your blog and whipping up a few blog entries, do not forget to “ping” it so that you will be listed. Samples of tools you can use are:

3. Give out Press Releases

Content management also makes use of press releases, which are news about your business. Giving out press releases are a perfect manner to achieve top rankings for your website because this can help you make content-rich press releases, and then post them to press release directories. The advantage here is that a lot of these directories are rich in traffic. Sample sites that welcome press releases are:

4. Engage in SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Another buzzword for content management would be SEO or search engine optimization. To optimize your website for the search engines entails making keyword-rich content, trading web links with other websites, posting your website to directories, which lead to backlinks directing to your website.

You can also utilize tools like Web CEO found in, to aid in optimizing your webpages.

In spite of the fact that posting the search engines is required most often, since most search engines will spider through your website from another website, you still have to have at least one link to direct back to your site so that it gets spidered.

I recommend that you post your website to Alexa, This will ensure your website gets spidered, and you will be able to compare your website to other websites, and also acquire traffic stats to your website.

5. Distribute Free Ebooks and Reports

Another tool for content management is to give away free e-books and e-reports, and by doing so, you entice your visitors to always come and visit your site.

What’s also good is that you can offer your e-books and reports to e-book directories at zero cost. Here’s a list of e-book directories to aid you in your content management:

It is also suggested that you brand your e-book, meaning others can place their links in your e-book, so it will become viral. At the same time, you give motivation to others to share your e-book and disseminate it on the World Wide Web.


After you have established these content management strategies to your website, create additional income streams to your website like AdSense ( and Virtual Portals ( These will add more income generation to your site.

Even though pay per clicks and other types of advertising can be advantageous in promoting your site, it can actually be quite costly. What you can do is focus on quality content management instead, and then promote that content, so that you constantly lure in traffic to your website.

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