Notepad++ is the latest version of Notepad. Notepad is an application that has been with Windows since the first version of Microsoft Windows in 1985. This classic application has been able to keep up with the times by updating and reinventing itself. The new version is not only just a notepad replacement. It also supports the text of several languages. Yes, Notepad++ is also a source code editor. Notepad++ is the latest version which allows you to work with a multitude of open files. Did we also mention that it’s free?

How do I get started with Notepad++?

Unlike the basic Notepad that comes with every Windows computer, Notepad++ has to be downloaded. Therefore, you’ll need to take the following steps:

• Go to the website
• Under the Download icon, click on the Notepad++ Installer: Take this one if you have no idea which one you should take
• After the program has downloaded, click Run and Install

How do I use Notepad++?

Once you have downloaded Notepad++, launch it either by clicking on the Notepad++ desktop icon or by selecting it through the Start menu.

Want to write a source code for basic webpage? Start by writing the basic html code that you want to use and anything else that you want to include. Once you are satisfied with what you have written, Click on File, then click on Save as… Choose a name for your file and specify the type of file. Conversely, you can simply peruse the extensions which are available on the drop down menu and select one.

To see the output, find and open the file. If you would like to edit or add more content, just go back to Notepad++. Don’t forget to save the changes that you’ve made by typing Ctrl+S.

How do I record a simple macro in Notepad++?

To record a simple macro using Notepad++, just do the following:
• Launch the Notepad++ application
• You can either click on the red ‘Record’ button on the toolbar or click on ‘Macro’ and click on ‘Start Recording’
• Type the text that you would like to record
• When you are finished typing the text, click ‘Stop Recording’
• If you would like to save the text, click on Macro then select Save Current Recorded Macro…
• This will prompt you to name your macro and also set the shortcut keys you would to use. When you are done and satisfied, click ‘OK’
• Once you have clicked ‘OK’, you will be able to use your macro. Do this by going to Macro and selecting Playback. Conversely, you can use your macro by entering the short keys by clicking the playback icon or using the keyboard.

To learn more about using Notepad++, please go to this website:

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