understanding salesUnderstanding sales can only be achieved if you are able to master the basic concepts underlying it. There can be thousands of various sales books advocating different techniques to boost your sales. With little knowledge about the basics, however, you could be left groping in the dark.

Understanding sales doesn’t have to be very complicated. Remember that multi-awarded actors celebrated chefs, and victorious athletes all succeed because they never lose sight of the basics. So how do you even begin the process of understanding it?

Principles to Keep in Mind when Understanding Sales

For a better understanding of sales, you need to know the following concepts by heart:

1) Sales is essentially a two-way communication.

Understanding sales means understanding how communication works. This is because sales is actually all about communication. There are two parties involved – the customer and the sales person.  The customer is making known his needs and preferences to the sales person who tries to understand them. Both have the goal of helping one another. Understanding sales therefore, is also about knowing what you can do as a salesperson to be of service to your prospective customers as well as your loyal ones.

2) Customers buy products and avail of services for the benefits they get out of them.

Understanding sales means not only understanding your product. The common misconception among people is that sales is only a matter of promoting one’s product. However, this is not the be all and end all.  You need to fist understand what your customers are looking for. They will only buy from you if they know you can offer them what they need and want. Usually, customers consider utility, quality, economy, and convenience in buying a product. This said, understanding sales is also about understanding how the minds of your customers work. Remember that what you offer them is merely a method for them to achieve a target result.   The role of a salesperson, therefore is to communicate this result to customers so that they will be aware of it. More than focusing on your product itself, promote the results that your customers can get from experiencing your product or service.

3) Keeping your Communication lines open with your customers is a must in sales.

Understanding the psychology of buying can lead to understanding sales. From getting new accounts to selling existing ones and servicing them, you need good communication skills. Do not be deceived into thinking that selling is all about talking. Selling has actually a lot more to do with listening than talking. The same is true here. To forge a good, lasting relationship with your clients, you need to have continued communication with them.

The Right Perspective in Understanding Sales

In understanding sales, always take different perspectives. Assume the role of both a buyer and a seller. If you are the buyer, think of what would your ideal product or service be. If you are a seller, what will you do to get your customers see how ideal your products and services are. Once you get the right perspective, understanding sales will come to you naturally.

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