Understand RSS and find out how it can help you both as a web surfer and blogger. understand rss

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. Using an XML code that continuously scans the content of a website for new information, RSS helps you save updated information of websites that you visit often.

Understand RSS: Basic Things You Must Know

Understand RSS as its feeds are used by people who opt to have ready access to updates that appeal to them. They realize that using RSS is more convenient than signing up for e-mail subscriptions that provide updates in the form of newsletters. It is because RSS are more accessible and are made available right away. There would be no need to wait for scheduled e-mails and they also would not have to retrieve newsletters from spam folder. To understand RSS, you must know that RSS feeds can be read on smart phones and PDAs.

RSS are also usually used in blogs or websites that want to publish information, which contains a headline and a short rundown or review of the story with a link, when clicked, will allow a person to read further.

How to understand RSS feeds? An aggregator, which is a feed reader, is needed to accept RSS feeds. Aggregators are available online and easily searchable.

If you want to add a particular website to an aggregator, you can simply click the “RSS” button or the “XML” button of that website. By doing so, it will add the feed to your aggregator automatically. Another way of adding a feed to an aggregator is by copying and pasting its URL to the program.

After adding the feed to an aggregator, it will be accessible right away and updates will keep on coming. And in case you decide not to take in updates anymore, you can just delete the feed from the aggregator.

Why the need to make a feed available? If you have a blog or a website, you will have more followers if you are able to make a feed available to them even without their having to visit your site. Just make sure you have the “RSS” button or the “XML” button on your website that they can click. After adding your feed to their aggregator, they can now be updated at once of any new information posted on your website.

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