two tier affiliate programsTwo tier affiliate programs can get your revenues piling up. You just need to know the in’s an out’s to make this possible.

For those who are clueless about these programs, here’s the good news. Understanding the concept is very simple. Basically, it is a program where affiliates are permitted to have sub-affiliates below them. The sub-affiliates are then considered as second tier affiliates. Like the affiliate, second-tier affiliates earn commissions. As second-tier affiliates earn commission, so does the affiliate in the upper line.

How Two Tier Affiliate Programs work

Think of two tier affiliate programs like common affiliate programs. The only thing that makes these affiliate programs different is their capacity to generate more income. This is made possible through additional tiers with infinite number. Although having infinite tiers is possible under two tier affiliate programs, it is highly impractical.

You can regard them as Multi-Level Marketing. Once you become part of an affiliate program, you are deemed as the first tier. The person you are able to recruit to join the program is then identified as the second tier. As further tiers are added, the whole process can now be classified as multi-level marketing.

How to select good merchants to sign up for

The success of multi-level marketing a few years ago cannot be denied. However, at present, it is not as promising as before. This is due to the proliferation of affiliate programs. Since there are thousands to sign up for, affiliates can easily jump from one program to another.

Many people who are into two tier affiliate programs thinking it is easy money, often fail. They fail to realize that nothing in life comes easy. The same is true with multi-level marketing systems like these programs. You cannot just rely on your sub-affiliates to do the brunt of work for you. You, too, must be aggressive in the recruitment process. Also, you need to select your affiliate merchants for your two tier affiliate meticulously.

You have to select merchants with a steady cash flow. Their business should be stable. They must have high earning potential. You will know this by assessing the quality of the products they sell. If they offer premium products, they have a high income potential. In addition, they must have the reputation of giving away high commissions.

However, when selecting merchants for your two tier affiliate programs consider a very important factor. This factor is none other than the manner by which a specific merchant treats its affiliates. A worthy merchant is something that arms its affiliates with advertising strategies that work. It is one that treats its affiliates with respect and admiration. Aside from that, you must choose a merchant that runs a website that is easy to navigate. Such user-friendly website allows you to track your sales performance. Once you find this merchant, you have just hit gold in a mine!

Being choosy about the merchants for your two tier affiliate programs has its benefits. For one, you can build a good reputation when you stick to merchants with tried and tested advertising schemes. You can increase your chances of recruiting sub-affiliates in the process.

How you can benefit from Two Tier Affiliate Programs

There are many benefits that two tier affiliate programs offer than single tiers. With these affiliate programs, you can have many people working with you on a common goal. Once you gain the loyalty of your sub-affiliates over time, your income potential can be unquantifiable. Remember that sub-affiliates promote your products just as vigorously as you do. They are one with you in trying to get more visitors to your merchant’s site. This is because both of you are aiming for commissions.

Thus, two tier affiliate programs can be a real money-making business for you. You just have to tap its full potential. Soon, you will experience that steady flow of income you’ve been coveting.

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