networking marketingNetworking marketing opportunities, otherwise known as multi- level marketing opportunities, are flourishing and widespread in the worldwide web. You have most definitely seen its many, varied forms. You may have received an e- mail soliciting some kind of service. Or probably a banner advertisement in the numerous sites you have visited. All of these are networking marketing and they are all promising easy money with a home- based business.

Be cautious about these ploys. Some of them may be legitimate, but more often than not, they may just be scams. Here are some truths about networking marketing that you should be aware of.

Networking marketing truth #1: Using new members for existing members

Most of these opportunities don’t rely so much on their products and services as they do on new members. The thing is, these firms utilize the sign- up fees they get from new members to give to their existing members. So the product or service they are advertising is just a means to attract more attention. Before you jump in into any networking marketing business, make sure that the product or service being offered has a discernable value. Otherwise, you can be sure that this marketing opportunity is just another scam you should stay away from.

Networking marketing truth #2: Returns are not as easy as they seem

It’s a reality that sometimes, businesses play up their products or services. The same thing can be said about these vague networking marketing opportunities. If they tell you that returns are so easy, take it with a grain of salt. In some cases, only one out of fifty to a hundred members is capable of the same amount of returns the network marketing opportunity promises. It is never as simple as ‘sign up and get rich quick’. For you to get the amount of returns the networking marketing opportunity promises, you have to work hard to find affiliates and get them to sign up as well. Do not get carried away by the ‘it’s such a breeze’ testimonials—anyone can use that line to attract people.

Do not always believe everything you see in the Internet. There are a lot of scams going around and these networking marketing opportunities are just some of them. If you see an advertisement promising easy money that will allow you to retire within a year, be wary. Research on how reliable these firms really are. Find real and actual testimonials from people who have experienced it. And of course, make sure that the research you find are from third- party sites who are objective enough about their reviews. Distrust any testimonials you may see on the networking marketing firm’s site. Keep your wits about you, be discerning, and good luck!

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