writing advice for momsWriting advice for moms who wish to get published even if they have kids running around the house is the point of this article. Yes, we understand that a lot of moms are putting off writing until their kids have grown up. This writing advice for moms’ article will tell you that it’s possible to pursue your dream while raising a happy and healthy family.

You might think that we are delusional and we haven’t experienced running after kids all day. You might also say that we are not credible in giving writing advice for moms. But hear us out. Read our writing advice and maybe it will encourage you that it is really possible.

Yes, writing while raising kids can be done. How? Read on.

Writing Advice for Moms Number 1: Make time and stick with it.

Even if it’s just one hour a day after you put your kids to bed, do it. Or maybe an hour before everybody gets up? Sticking with your schedule and never missing it is our number one writing advice for moms. O matter what’s happening around you, stick with your schedule. If you are following a strict schedule, it will encourage you to be productive during that time. You do not have to set aside everything just to write. Our writing advice for moms, fit it in your schedule.

Writing Advice for Moms Number 2: Lower your standards when it comes to housework.

Can you forego sweeping the floor today because you just did it yesterday? Can you survive with bottled pasta sauce instead of making it from fresh produce? It doesn’t mean that you need to be sloppy just to accommodate your writing. What we’re saying is, some housework can be put off to accommodate other stuff. You can also delegate chores to your husband end kids. And a strict writing advice for moms, please do not re-do what they did. If what they did is not endangering the health of your family, they will do.

Writing Advice for Moms Number 3: Involve the kids.

Of course not with the actual writing. Our  advice for moms, you can come up with creative time for the kids. They can be next to you with crayons and paper while you are doing some creative writing of your own. This writing advice for moms is also a good bonding time for you and the kids. You can be creative together. They can actually make you inspired and incorporate their creativity with what you’re writing.

Writing Advice for Moms Number 4: Start small.

Writing doesn’t mean that you are the next J.K. Rowling. If you just want to write, start small. A short story or some super short fiction will do. The internet is full of opportunities to get published if you write short stories. If you want to write novels, are you on a deadline? Writing novels will take as long as they need to take but you will finish it eventually. Remember this writing advice for moms. Writing novels is not isolating yourself from the world and finishing it in record time.

Writing Advice for Moms Number 5: Don’t be guilty.

Don’t feel guilty because you are pursuing your dream. Isn’t following your passion a good way to keep yourself intact? Most moms think that they cannot pursue what they want because that would mean spending less time taking care of the kids. No. J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book in a coffee shop while her baby is napping in a buggy. Don’t feel guilty because some of the best inspiration will come from your everyday life. This piece of writing advice for moms should always be remembered.

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