finish your bookFinish your book. This is the pressing concern of any writers who are undergoing a writer’s block. A writer’s block is a usual occurrence for a writer who either does not know how to continue with the story they are writing or even a topic or sentence that will help start a paragraph. Every writer, even once in their life, experienced it one way or the other though in different degrees.

Since most pitfall that writers who experienced writers’ block is producing sub-par works, hence, as a writer, to finish your book as soon as possible is vital. But how? Here’s follow these tips.

How do you finish your book?

Like painters, writers also belong to the creative world; hence they tend to function differently. At times overflowing imagination may come to any writers but there are also times when every attempt to generate creative juices becomes unfruitful. Hence to finish your book becomes a very arduous task.

1. Create your table of contents.

All great things come from small beginnings. In order to finish it, you need first to break it down into small manageable pieces. After breaking it to pieces, create a table of contents that will serve as your guide and map to finish your book.

In doing a table of content, label the headings by assigning keywords or sentences per heading. After which, if possible write 3 sentences about the said keyword in connection with your topic.

In creating your table of content, you need not be specific and detailed in your discussion but the information indicated therein must be enough to connect your thoughts together in order to finish your book. What’s important in doing a table of content is that it will give you a system on finishing the book by providing you a guide on the next topic or story you need to write. Likewise, it will give you a preview of the gaps in your story or the things you need to strengthen or let loose. This way you would be able to successfully finish your book.

2. Create your to do list.

After you have created a table of content, the next thing you need to create is your to do list. This pertains to the things you need to accomplish in connection with your book. This includes doing a research for a certain topic, getting endorsements from people, communicating with media coach, etc. Like the table of contents, a to-do list will help you finish your book much easier as it provides you with the things you need to do. However, to ensure that you will finish on schedule you must not let any distractions hinder you in accomplishing the tasks in your to-do list.

3. Be wise in spending your time.

One of the things that will hinder you to finish your book is by wasting time. Sure, having an off day in writing is understandable and often experienced by most writers. However, make sure that the time you are not spending in writing you are spending in other things that will help you to finish your book. This will not only help you to finish the book but also to finish it on time. As they say time is gold. And there is not better application of this saying than in this situation especially when a publisher is eagerly knocking at your door and asking you to submit your work.

Hence, if you are not writing you could do research instead. Likewise, you could also proofread your work and see if there are typographical or grammatical lapses in writing. Doing the said activities will make good use of your time.

4. Find your focus.

It is not enough that you finish your book. It is much better to finish one that is well written.

After you have written a draft, try to read it and find out the focus of your book. This focus will serve as the core of your book and the element that binds your book together. Try to re-read and see what your focus is and build your story around it.


If you follow the above steps, you will be able to finish your book faster and better than you could have ever imagined possible. Use the once-dreaded writer’s block as an opportunity to organize your thoughts and finish your work.

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