legal marketingLegal marketing consultants are highly in demand especially now that we’re entering the new year. Are you part of a firm and thinking of hiring a consultant? Consider these key points before you do.

  1. Advice objectivity of your legal marketing consultant

Always keep in mind that the legal marketing consultant who will give you unbiased advice is most likely the one who are paid. This is in contrast to those who get paid based on commissions. For example, this consultant is one who gets his commissions from ad agencies. There will then be a conflict of interest. When you spend, he earns.

  1. Legal marketing experience

Each marketing field is highly complex and specialized. Therefore, experience is a must. I would recommend hiring a legal marketing consultant who has been in the business for at least 15 years. However, if you find someone with this extensive experience, do not be taken in immediately. Just because he has experience in this marketing doesn’t mean he possesses the skill, judgment, and knowledge you are looking for. Interview these candidates thoroughly before making any decisions.

  1. Workload

Get to know the work habits of your potential legal marketing consultant. Do they do the work that needs to be done? Or are they simply advising you and letting you do all the work?

  1. Service

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Again, try and determine the dedication your potential legal marketing consultant has to help your firm succeed. Is he giving everything he can to help you progress? Or do you feel as if he’s just in it for himself?

  1. Access

The consultant you hire should be available and accessible to you. Does he make you jump through hoops just to get in touch with him? Does he use his secretary, busy schedule, and account executives to hide from you? Always remember that your legal marketing consultant should always be readily available via phone or e-mail, especially when you need him most.

  1. Stability

When hiring, you should always be thinking long term. Do you think that he is experienced and willing to stick it out with you through anything? Or does he just see you as a stepping- stone into something much bigger?

  1. Legal marketing focus

Is your potential legal marketing professional focused solely on his work or does he also have input in other disciplines? This can go both ways and can be beneficial in some cases. Having a consultant that is also knowledgeable in management, training, human resources or finance can be highly valuable—depending on what you’re looking for.

  1. Authority

It’s best to hire a legal marketing consultant who is seen as an authority in the field. In some cases, it will make it easier for him to be taken seriously. However, if he is still relatively unknown, it can be more difficult to assert his authority.

  1. Size and efficiency

Keep in mind that the legal marketing consultant you hire should be working for you and not the other way around. He should prove that his knowledge, experience, judgment, and skill are worth your time and money. If you feel that he’s just using you to fund his penthouse office, then think twice.

  1. Markups

Does your legal marketing consultant charge you for outside services such as printers, photographers, artists, web site technicians, and more? Or does he hire these services and charge you at cost instead?

  1. Travel

Does your legal marketing consultant rack up costs traveling from one place to the next? You should consider someone who will work efficiently for you using just the telephone, e- mail, and fax.

  1. Coverage

In situations where your legal marketing consultant does need to travel, are you left hanging? Does he leave you to contact only his account executive or assistant who will only relay your messages? It would be a lot better if he has a competent marketing specialist who will render you the same services as he would.

  1. Attention

If you’re paying for legal marketing services, you should get what you pay for. If he has numerous clients, expect not to be given the kind of attention and service you need. It would be highly recommended to find a consultant who only has a few clients but renders the best services he can.

  1. Work

Is your legal marketing consultant fulfilling his duties to you, personally? If he’s just delegating work, then it’s time to rethink your relationship.

  1. Marketing specialization

An ideal consultant should be one who is focused on one field of marketing and is considered the expert in it. If he’s trying to be the jack-of-all-trades, wanting to monopolize everything you require, then it’s time to think twice.

  1. Writing skills

Marketing writing style is vastly different from academic writing you and I are familiar with. Your legal marketing consultant should have superior writing skills that come across as warm and inviting. The best way to find this out is to read articles and other published materials he has written. Find one whose writing style is something you can get on board with.

  1. Testimonials

Similar to references, your potential legal marketing consultant should be able to provide you with a sizable amount of testimonials. Consider hiring one who would be able to give you about 30 to 40 testimonials written by other lawyers. If he only has a few, be wary—it may just be from his family and friends.


Hiring a legal marketing consultant is very crucial business. Find the right one for you and hire someone who is worth your time and money.

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