improve your writing skillsImprove your writing skills by following these tips. Writing is not entirely difficult. However, to come up with an interesting and exciting piece, you should improve your skills. Whether you are writing a simple research paper or a fiction story, the ability to catch your reader’s attention lies heavily on how well you can communicate your thoughts to your readers.

Improve your writing skills by keeping readers in mind

The number one rule in almost any activity: know your audience. In writing, you have to know who the readers are. Determine what types of articles they love to read. With this in mind, draft something close to yours and your readers’ hearts. That is how you improve your writing skills. It does not matter how great you are in using words when the message you want to convey is not heard. Make sure the article will be read by keeping your readers in mind.

Aside from knowing who your readers are, you should be able to make it easy for readers to understand what you are saying. Add some signposts in your articles to improve your writing skills. Signposts are chapters, phrases, or words which explicitly or implicitly inform the readers what they should expect towards the end. For example, when writing a thesis, you can include a detailed table of contents, abstract, and introduction as signposts.

Improve your writing skills by following guidelines in writing

Another way to improve your writing skills is by strictly following the basic rules in writing. Improve writing skills by:

  • Using short sentences,
  • Using simple words,
  • Using punctuation marks correctly, and
  • Dividing your entire text into paragraphs to make it easily readable.

Improve your writing skills by writing regularly

As they say, practice makes perfect. The same thing applies to writing. If you want to improve your writing skills, you must practice writing to develop confidence and the quality of the articles you write.

When you write regularly, you also develop your own writing technique which, in the long run, will improve writing skills. It does not mean you should write a complicated article every time you practice. Diary entries, blog posts, and product reviews are great articles to begin with to improve writing skills.

Improve your writing skills one ability at a time

You cannot improve overnight. To write like a pro, you must develop your skill one ability at a time. Here are some tips on how you can improve your writing skills without overwhelming yourself too much.

First, learn how to draft good sentences. You cannot produce an article, much less a paragraph, if the sentences are not good enough. A sentence is the basic ingredient of every article. To improve your writing skills entails enhancing the quality of sentences you write.

Second, be more conversational. No one wants to read an article that looks like it has been written by a robot. Include emotions in your articles. Pose some questions for readers. Let them think, not spoon feed them every detail.

Third, add flavor to your words to improve your writing skills. Avoid using the words actually, really, in my opinion, when stressing out points. Experiment with stronger words and phrases. Think of your article as a dish served in a restaurant. You do not want your dish to be bland, right? Make reading a palatable and unforgettable experience for readers.

Fourth, do not just go with the flow. Outline or reverse-outline your content to improve your writing skills. When you have a goal in mind, you cannot easily get lost. An outline will help you keep things organized. It will also guide you in writing long stories or articles. With an outline, it becomes easier for you to write the article, and easier for readers to read it.

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