better marketingBetter marketing is the goal of every business. Who doesn’t want to be better  in marketing – more products and services, more customers, more profit? But how do you really get to do better? Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It is more of a trial and error kind of thing. But where do you start with better marketing?

You have to start of course somewhere when it comes to marketing. Marketing involves a lot of strategies and programs that you can use in order to sell or promote your products and services. Is it digitally through a website? Is it via old school ads on the yellow pages? Do you go with direct mailers or distribute flyers and brochures? Or do you hold a seminar, a trade show or a networking event? Have you checked if these lead you to a wider customer base and in the end, better profits?

Before we go to how you can arrive at better marketing, let us take a step back to the start.

Marketing defined

There are a lot of different definitions of marketing, but I’d to simply think of it this way. Marketing is the implementation of various strategies to come up with a consistent supply of leads for a business. This definition clearly identifies one’s goal as a marketer. And this also supports what marketers usually do to arrive at that goal – advertising through yellow pages, holding events, networking, and many others. But the big question of marketers would be – do these strategies work? How would I know which do and which do not? How can I improve these for better marketing?

Better marketing with the “And so?” test

If you would like to check if these methods and strategies are working for you, you should subject each to the “And so?” test. Let’s begin with your key campaign message across most of your materials. Read it aloud and then ask yourself these questions – “And so?” “So what?” “What’s in it for me?” If you cannot answer these questions well, if they do not solve your current business problem, or they do not seem appealing enough for your target audience, then you should reconsider your strategies for better marketing.

If these just talk about the company history, or a listing of current products and services, then most likely they are doomed to fail the “And so?” test.

Check upon all your marketing material messages. Do they yield the same answers?

If your marketing materials lead you to more business-like more prospective customers, then you seem to be on the right track. But if you are still lost for answers as to how the “And so?” test will be answered, then you must start looking for ways to better marketing.

Some ideas for better marketing

1) Y should examine closely all your current marketing strategies. Which ones bring more leads to your business? Which ones worked in the past? Which ones are working for you now? Is there a need to improve on the core message in order to yield better marketing results?

2) Apart from the “And so?” test, there is also the X-O test. To use this, make a listing of all marketing tools you use. And then upon reviewing, you just have to put an X-mark every time a marketing tool uses your brand, product, company name. Put instead an O-mark if it mentions the name of the prospect, name of the company or the words “you” or “your.”

3) Feedbacks are very useful when it comes to better marketing. Gather up some people who you think can give constructive criticism. These will help improve your material’s messaging so you can test it again via the “And so?” test. Get ready to receive all kinds of feedback, even negative ones. Remember that these could help you in terms of better marketing ideas.

4) When you accept feedback, ask follow-up questions so you can get to the core of their issue. If for example they said that they did not like the message because it was too long and detailed, ask why they felt so and which particular parts they feel can be left out. Better marketing is about garnering realistic answers more than just getting opinionated responses.

5) In the end, it urges you to not forget that your message must be directed towards a certain target audience. If your message is too broad and does not clearly talk to a certain group of people, it will clearly fail the “And so?” test.

Go back to the very core of your business when it comes to your goals, your target, your products and services, in order to find the right better marketing strategies.

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