squeeze pagesSqueeze pages, otherwise known as lead capture pages can help promote your business. They are effective mechanisms for traffic exchange. They help you collect names and email addresses so you can generate a list of prospective clients. By now, you should be aware that customer listing is one of the keys to market or promote your brand more aggressively. However, it is also true that squeeze pages are hard to find.

Building Squeeze Pages

Since they can be difficult to find, you can opt to build your own. To build them, a fill-in form saying “kindly sign up” may not be enough. You need to remember the following tips:

First, you have to get the attention of your viewers. Arouse their curiosity about your products or services. You can do this by providing free newsletter. This is of course in exchange for valuable customer data such as name and email address. Should you not have any valuable content to share at this moment yet, you can try other alternatives. For instance, you can offer a brief marketing course on a topic relevant to your product line. In the end, what you offer is not so much of a big deal, as long as your offering is of good quality. In fact, you can even rely on autoresponder messages nowadays.

Moreover, there a lots of things that you can give away as long as you are creative enough. Some business owners even permit their products to be downloaded. What’s in it for them? They are of course after squeeze pages. They want precious data containing relevant customer information.

Be mindful of intellectual property laws

Some companies that rely on these pages produce eBooks as giveaways. Remember, however, that you should have copyright over these eBooks or that they were your originals. If not, you should ask permission from the author. Otherwise, you can run into trouble. Violation of copyright laws can cause you your business reputation. Think of all the goodwill you had built all these years before sacrificing it just for the sake of finding squeeze pages.

The next step after you get an author’s permission is to have an effective autoresponder. It’s not meant only to verify that a person has successfully signed up with you. It also serves as your key to building squeeze pages. This is because it can save names, email addresses and other information that an enlistee had provided you when signing up. This is the so-called “double opt-in” scheme. The first opt-in pertains to the process of signing up while the second refers to the confirmation process. This confirmation process relieves you of any worries about being identified as spammer.

Your autoresponder’s first message should contain a confirmation and a thank you message. This will serve as a gesture of appreciation to your potential clients. It should also contain a message assuring your customers that their privacy will not be compromised. Squeeze pages are valuable but your customer’s trust on you is just as important. Make a statement that the information provided by enlistees will not be leased out or sold to anyone for whatever reason.

Patience is a virtue

When it comes to finding or building squeeze pages, patience is needed. Never expect that they will give you the much-needed data in a single shot. Receiving at least 25 names per week to add is good enough.  Just keep growing it by encouraging users to sign up. Advertise your logo and do effective image branding. The more visible you are to users out there, the more likely are they going to sign up.

Squeeze pages can be your best ally in getting more customers for your business. Yes, it can really be difficult to find. It is even more difficult to build. But with the right amount of patience, all your hard work will be rewarded.

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