thank you lettersThank you letters are often underestimated when it comes to developing careers. But there are so many instances when an effective thank you letter can go a long way. Showing your gratitude through a letter can help boost your career. For example, sending thank you letters after job interviews can help you secure the next step in your professional life.

Normally, what do you do after you’ve finished the interview for your dream job? You probably do nothing but wait for the company to call you back. That’s not a good strategy. Including thank you letters in your job hunting plan is a better strategy.

Giving these letters can increase your chances of securing that job offer. It gives you an additional edge. Follow up with effective letters to stand out from the competition.

Many people are probably vying for your dream job as well. You should be able to differentiate yourself from other people. Sending thank you letters would make your potential employers notice you more. They can see that you made an effort that other applicants did not make.  The rest of your competition won’t think of sending these letters, and even if they do, they probably won’t write effectively.

Effective thank you letters

Getting more chances to secure your dream job needs more than just one simple thank you letter. There are several things you have to consider first.

  1. Write thank you letters for everyone you meet. To do this, you have to ask for the business cards (with their contact details) of the people you encounter.
  2. Send your letters as soon as possible. The preferable time window is during the day of the interview itself to the day after.
  3. E-mail your thank you letters to ensure prompt delivery.

The ideal thank you letters

What should your thank you letter include? You should start by directly thanking the person you’re writing to for meeting with you. After that, you should use the letter as an opportunity to reiterate your interests.

For example, you should restate that you are interested in their job position. It’s important that they believe that you are one of their leading applicants. Then you should identify your strongest selling points or positive qualities to reinforce the fact that you are best for that job. And lastly, your thank you letters should cover anything you forgot to mention during the interview.

Note that your thank you letter should be less than one page in length. There’s no need to overdo your letters.

Writing letters can be the key to landing your dream job. With thank you letters, you can effectively stand out from your competition, reiterate your interest, and emphasize your strongest selling points.

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