talking to peopleTalking to people as a form of communication, especially in business, has taken a back seat because of the advancement in technology and the proliferation of Internet use. Nowadays, sending, receiving and keeping bulks of files and posting memos or messages for an unlimited number of people have never been faster and more convenient because of E-mail. E-mail correspondence has unquestionably sped up business dealings.

However, a lot of people rely on these electronic messages in their daily transactions that they are foregoing a basic yet more effective communication tool – talking to people. Whether it is through the telephone or a face-to-face conversation, talk to people to accomplish more than you could than in sending E-mail.

4 Reasons why talking to people is more effective

1) It helps you obtain better information.

More often than not, how something is said has more weight than what is being said. Talking to people lets you see beyond the content of the message. Body language, facial expressions, hand movements, vocal tone, intonation, and how fast the person talks will not only put the message in context, but will also give you an idea on how to respond to it appropriately. If you are a good and observant listener, you can even read between the lines and gain information from what was not said. The words on your screen will never be able to show you these things. Without a doubt, talking to people makes the communication more meaningful.

2) It paves way to a more personal communication.

The foundation of a positive human relationship is based on mutual respect, compassion and courtesy. Talking minimizes the chances of miscommunication by placing the conversation in context through vocal and visual cues. Unlike E-mails, which are impersonal and can be ignored or misunderstood, talking to people personally allows you to convey your sincerity. This is very important especially if you want to establish lasting relationships with your employees, co-workers, bosses, or business partners.

3) It strengthens human connection.

Humans are social beings. Each of us has that powerful need to feel and be connected with society. By talking to people, both the listener and speaker create a shared experience through a deeper conversation, resulting to a stronger rapport between them. This feat is impossible to achieve if you only rely on electronic messaging, which is void of emotions. Encouraging people in your organization to talk to each other rather than just communicating through email would make your group members more connected and in tune with each other.

4) Talking to people gives you more than you bargained for.

When you ask people something through E-mail, you usually get the information that you asked for. However, through talking, you would get way more than that. The instantaneous back and forth exchange of ideas allows people to share more wisdom and information. People tell more than what you expect, and if you listen carefully, you will understand and get to know them better, and maybe even get a fresh perspective on things, which will make you a better team player and leader.

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