freelance designFreelance design industry can get design artists into various companies. Some may be a multi-national branding corporation or a regular magazine publishing company. Companies often hire specific artists to achieve desired project design. These freelance design artists now have to work with the company until the design is done.

This situation for requires survival skills in his/her workplace. Here’s what you can do for desperate measures in the company.

How to survive freelance design company

  1. Get creative with excuses, or not.

It’s better to think of something better than the usual “My dog ate the assignment.” or “It got wet during wash on the weekend.” Come to think of it though. If you use old worn excuses, your boss might just fall for it. Your freelance design boss might think that you’re working too much that it already affected your sanity.

  1. Backstabbing.

From any angle you look at it, backstabbing is just wicked. However, you can play a few harmless tricks on the full time workers. Put the blame on them by putting someone’s stapler in your chosen victim’s desk. You can let them find out by themselves or push it even more. This diverts everyone’s attention from you. Making your work easier and worry free.

  1. Playing teacher’s pet.

This is definitely your go-to excuse if you are delayed with your layout for three weeks. Stock up your boss’ favorite chocolate and bring them to the office when the situation calls for it. Of course those nosy full time workers are going to give you a hard time for this. Everyone hates the teacher’s pet. So might as well bring them coffee during lunch break.

  1. Ask for help.

I’m sure everyone is doing it, so why not do it as well? Asking for help from other freelance design artists is fine. Especially if you landed a heavy project that pays a lot. You can give some of the money to that artist and still get all the credit for that freelance project. Working for companies can be draining. So you can also benefit from this by absorbing fresh ideas from different artists. It’s definitely a win-win situation for everyone!

Remember, only use these tips and tricks if there’s no other choice left for you. In freelance design, your heavy workload can push you to some extent.  Always remember to be careful not to get caught with your harmless intention. Your goal is to get the job done with minimal to no damage in the company.

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