super bowl advertisingSuper Bowl advertising slots have been one of the most coveted in television. Thousands of companies want to be a part of it. Advertisers spend millions for it. Why not? With an estimated average viewership of 90 million, it’s a feast.

The prowess of Super Bowl advertising has been talks of legend in the advertising world. Millions are spent for it. Millions are also returned in terms of sales. No wonder, these big guys are joining the football tournament’s advertising bandwagon:

  1. Pepsi. This soda empire always has advertisements that are out of the box. Having two deaf guys staring in the commercial will surely raise attention from people.
  2. Budweiser. Sports and beer go well together. Budweiser then uses this for its advantage. It uses the Super-Bowl-is-not-complete-without-Bud angle.
  3. Miller Lite. Miller Lite’s ads always poke fun at Budweiser, its leading competition.
  4. GoDaddy. Controversial is always the route of GoDaddy’s due to its racy ads. Though its commercial is incomparable to its website ads.
  5. Proctor and Gamble. A Super Bowl Advertising neophyte. It will air its first ad that features Tide.
  6. Victoria’s Secret. Lingerie commercial to male audience will always stir buzz.

The ins and outs of Super Bowl Advertising

The above companies are just some of those who had placed their millions in a once a year advertising feast. Here are some of the observations I made throughout the Super Bowl advertising frenzy:

  1. Male audience share the bigger pie in the audience share during Super Bowl season. Most of the themes applied in the commercials revolve around sex, humor and music.
  2. With the onset of technology, Super Bowl advertising is now not only limited to TV. Most of the companies have used their website as another avenue to showcase their commercials. By using clinchers, viewers are urged to log-in to these companies’ website to view more of the TV ads. Genius right?
  3. FCC rules do not cover website advertisements. Hence, companies can place whatever they want on their website. This will give them more opportunity to advertise their products. This, without time limit or FCC to knock on their doors.
  4. Some commercials tend to outdo their last years’ commercial. But some still go with the tried and tested route. Anyways, why fix it when it still gives millions, right?
  5. Having a familiar face endorsing your product will surely give any product an advantage. Hence, some companies employ celebrities to give “testaments” to their products’ quality. However, this star power is only persuasive to some extent.

It’s the only show that viewers anticipate the commercials together with the main show. So  expect more in the coming years. For us viewers, our job is to just sit back and relax. Let’s enjoy the ride of Super Bowl advertising.

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