successful public speechSuccessful public speech is the dream of public speakers, especially those lacking in the self-confidence department. Public speaking is often feared and dreaded by most people. Based on my personal experience, there were times I was required to deliver a speech and for that I have forced myself to be an expert of this. We discuss in this article the things I have learned from books on public speaking, and pieces of advice which has helped me how to master delivering a successful public speech.

How to Deliver a Successful Public Speech

My first tip on having an effective public speech is on proper breathing. Most of us get very anxious before and during the actual speaking to a lot of people, threatening the chances of success. This results to a negative effect on breathing, leaving us out of breath. Whenever you feel nervous, just remember to breathe regularly when speaking. The norm is actually around six to eight words for a breath. Nervousness can also actually because muscles to contract make your chest feel tighter. This is actually the body’s natural reaction and to combat it, just take a few deep breaths before you start talking so that you can relax. A relaxed person is more likely to have a successful public speech than a nervous one.

Another strategy for a successful speech is to avoid nervousness and distractions is to find an inspiration, or a focal point in the room that you can focus on. This could pertain to a window, or a picture at the back of the room. There can be times you may lose your concentration, leading to forgetting what’s next on your speech. Revert back to this inspiration focal point to get you going again. A successful public speech is distraction-free.

For a successful speech, I avoid looking directly into the eyes of the audience, as this can put me off-guard. But I want the crowd to think I’m doing otherwise, so that they won’t notice I’m nervous, and actually delivering a successful public speech. What I do instead of looking them in the eye is look at an area on their forehead, which actually gives the same effect.

For a successful speech, you should not forget or stutter in your words. The key is to have notes, but it is recommended not to write it verbatim, but choose keywords or key subjects which you will take out just when needed, and not read from the whole thing per se. This is to make sure that I do not get lost in what I’m saying, at the same time allows for some adlib. A successful public speech is known by heart, and not memorized word for word, because the result of that would sound robotic.

A successful speech is light and well-loved, that’s why I like starting mine with a joke, which also serves as an icebreaker. A few years ago, it was my last day at the company I worked for, and I had to say a few words to my officemates before I left. Since I already knew this speech would happen, I have prepared for it in advance. A successful public speech is well-prepared for.

An effective public speech is short and sweet. Ideally if you can limit it to max of ten minutes if it is for around fifty people. This was how I started my speech on my last day: “I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and put together the collection, and to those who did not give any, I will see you outside later.” Even though the joke is quite pathetic, it made the people laugh. Their laughter earned me confidence to relax and deliver a successful public speech.

I also recommend people to speak more slowly than their usual pace in delivering a successful speech. This tip has also guided me throughout the years.

So those are what I know about giving out an effective public speech, and I hope you learned a lot too.

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