Social networking sites paved the way for a more convenient way of connecting people. Nowadays, the primary reason why people go online is to connect with other people. Social networking sites made online communities a thing of our generation.

If you are not yet aware of its popularity, social networking sites are internet communities that makes you see the lives of other people through the things they share online. Social networking sites have their own rules and regulations but most of them operate similarly and with similar goals. Their primary goal is to connect people from all corners of the globe.

What Social Networking Sites are you Looking for?social networking sites

There are different social networking sites that cater to different groups of online users. Some sites are general in nature. They do not really have a particular focus. Others have a more targeted audience. An example would be dating sites that cater to single men and women around the world.

If social networking appeals to you, you have numerous choices. You can easily find a community to join by asking your friends for recommendations. You can of course find these websites using a standard internet search. Whatever means you choose, you can find a lot of social networking sites. Some of the most popular social networking sites of today are Yahoo!360, Orkut, and MySpace. Creating an account with these websites is absolutely free.

Yahoo! 360 as the name suggests is Yahoo!’s social networking site. Orkut on the other hand is Google’s version. Although creating an account with Orkut is free, joining the site is through invitation only. Another popular social networking site is MySpace. Who doesn’t have MySpace? MySpace is like a staple in online users’ vocabulary nowadays.  They currently have over one hundred million members.

Social networking sites allow you to create your own profile and invite friends or random people to join your network. Other than that, they also let you share daily snippets of your life with your network. Social networking sites have made the world we live in more accessible and updating others about your life more convenient. With a few clicks of a button, social networking sites are testimonies to the saying that “no man is an island”.

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