social networking pageSocial networking page is the most popular outlet of people these days. Whether to vent out their frustrations on their boss, rant about the bad service they received, or exhort political views, people use their social network page to express their emotions and opinions. As a result, people tend to reveal too much information about themselves in social networks and microblogging sites. Some people would even go to lengths of posting drunken selfies, nude photos, and college pranks to appear “cool” to their friends or followers.

But in recent years, fresh graduates who are looking for their first jobs are either cleaning up or are closing down their social networking page. The reason behind this: Big Brother is watching them. People looking for jobs are increasingly cautious of anything they put on their page. That they are even careful in composing their e-mails, because these can be forwarded to anyone.

These cannot be attributed to simple paranoia. There is concrete evidence to support the fact that corporate recruiters are checking out and Googling their applicants, and they have people look into the social networking page of a potential candidate’s profile, and use the Internet as another way to check if the applicant’s references, work history, and personal ethics coincide with that of the company. This trend, plus the growing popularity of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, has made a lot of young people uneasy on how to navigate into the corporate world.

School administrators and teachers advise their students to maintain a professional and clean profile on social networking sites, blogs, emails, and personal websites. Even if the social networking page is password-protected, take note that recruiters have their own  page, too, and can easily get into online groups.

What the Statistics Say about Maintaining a Social Networking Page

In a survey conducted by, about 70% of the 60 college students that they have interviewed continue to post about the same things on their social networking page, even though they have been alerted of the fact that potential employers might be taking a look at their page. The same report also says that 20% of the 90 recruitment managers who have responded to the same survey say that they visit the social networking page of applicants before they are accepted in their respective companies. Another figure to note is that 6% of the companies say that they have decided not to hire people based on what they saw on the applicant’s social networking page. On the other hand, 26% of the respondents had no comment to the same question when they were asked.

Roberto Angulo of the site further advised that, “Students should be more concerned than they currently are.” Indeed, fresh graduates should not only prepare their resumes and cover letters, but also clean up their social networking page as well.

A great social network profile should be free of rants, as well as political and religious views. There should be no photographic evidence of drunken behavior, and selfies must be posted at a minimum. Also another big no-no is badmouthing a previous employer – this is a guarantee that you will not be hired if you put this on a social networking page.

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