skypeSkype is probably the most popular program that offers communication services. It allows its users to have voice or video calls, instant messaging and connect to their friends via Facebook. What makes Skype so appealing to users is that it’s easy to understand and it offers both free and premium services. Either version is useful. However, premium users get to enjoy services such as SkypeOut and SkypeIn. SkypeOut enables users to call regular phones from their Skype-equipped devices. On the other hand, SkypeIn allows users to have a conventional phone number that anyone can use to contact him.

As mentioned, Skype is very easy and convenient. You can get started with it by following these steps:

  • Visit
  • Hover over the “Get Skype” tab and choose your system
  • Choose, whether you want to get Free Skype or Skype Premium for $4.99/month (For the purpose of this article, we’ll choose the free version)
  • Click on “Download Skype” and download the program
  • Execute the file to install Skype
  • Skype window will automatically launch when its installed
  • Sign in with your Skype account
    • If you don’t have one, click on “Create a New Account” and you will be redirected to a webpage for you to sign up
    • Fill in the information and click on  I agree to continue

When you’ve signed in, you can start expanding your contacts. Just click on “Find Your Friends” for the program to search for contacts on your address book. You can also add people by clicking on Add a Contact button. You simply have to provide their email or full name or phone number or Skype name and click on Add.

How to Customize your Skype Profile

Aside from adding contacts, you can also customize you profile.

  • Click on the your name below the Skype Menu
  • Select the Profile button and then Edit
  • Start editing your profile
    • add or change your picture, Skype name, mobile number, email address and many more
    • When you’re done, Skype will automatically apply the changes you have made

When everything is all set up, you can enjoy free messaging and calls. You can just click on anyone on your contact list and a chat window will appear. In this window, you’ll see the status of the person, the three buttons that can be used for Call, Send Files and check for the connection quality. At the bottom you’ll be able to adjust the messages that Skype will display based on how far ago. Also, you can find here the chat box. Once you’ve type in your message, just click on the blue button to send it.

Skype allows its users to send files and contacts, share screens and add people to their conversation. Users can even send emoticons by clicking on the smile icon on top of the chat box. Just choose your emoticon and send.

To make a call, just click on the green Call button at the chat window. With Skype, you have the option to call a person with or without a video. Just select which one by clicking on either the green Video Call button or the Call button. When you’re calling a person, Skype also enables you to chat with them, just click on the Show IM button that appears when you are calling a person. Together with this button, there’s also Show Contacts, Turn on Video, Mute your Microphone, Add, send & share, End Call, Call quality and Full Screen.

Instant messaging and calling is made easier and cheaper by Skype. It’s a very useful program to have especially if you have the need of fostering your relationship with others. If Skype has caught your attention and you want to learn more about it, feel free to visit

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