seo copywritersSEO copywriters are bound to convey copies that will sell thousands of products and services worldwide. With the fast-changing technology and market, keeping up is a tough job for struggling business owners, marketers, and even web hosts.

People continuously seek quality web copies in a jungle of texts. This phenomenon led a number of self-proclaimed SEO copywriters to take high positions in the industry. Seldom do we find writers who are excellent enough to offer honest and pure services. On the contrary, this should not trample down your hopes. I am sure somewhere out there stands a copywriter who would go great lengths to win over the public’s favor.

Locating Expert SEO Copywriters

To help you find deserving SEO copywriters for your venture, here are 10 things to consider.

1. Knows what SEO encompass.

Legitimate search engine optimization copywriters know how to explain what Search Engine Optimization is all about. They should be able to relay the essentials of the field and the way in which it can benefit SEO dependents. Moreover, your chosen copywriter must know how results are basically ranked. He must be able to enlighten you how search engines value a website’s relevance and importance. More importantly, he must be knowledgeable on the use of relevant keywords and inbound links to achieve high ranks.

2. Professionally proven and tested.

Your SEO copywriters should efficiently perform  the skills they declared to have. Ask for sufficient proofs to justify their claims. Request for some samples of the works they have done in the past where they attained commendable distinction.

3. Respects the relevance of keywords.

You need someone who greatly understands how keywords work in the text. An excellent copywriter chooses the most preferable number of keywords phrases per page.  He knows exactly where to incorporate them. More importantly, he understands that texts will lose its quality and readability value through incorrect handling of keywords.

4. Makes clear agreements with you.

Once you hire a copywriter, writing and marketing both become shared responsibilities. Your copywriter is now the main person you can trust to do the background analysis on trendy keywords for you. That is why it is important to clear the boundary of your work. Talk to your copywriter the nature of his work and the task he must perform for you. We are talking about a great sum of money and being clumsy now is not a great idea.

5. Offers advice on keyword phrases.

SEO copywriters know how crucial copywriting is for a business. As a result, your copywriter would try to offer advices in which you can advance your business performance. He will orient you on the importance of targeting specific keywords in order to outshine competitors in the market. He knows that specific keyword phrases open doors of opportunities for readers to find your website. The more relevant your keywords are, the higher the possibility of reaching the top of search results.

6. Helps you with word counts.

Your trusted copywriter must orient you on the ideal number of words a single page on a website must contain. He looks after the industry, objective of the business, purpose of the page, and the audience’s needs to determine the length of the texts to write. On the contrary, he knows that too many words will spoil the fun. Excessive texts are not necessary for you to get higher ranks in SEO.

7. Has expertise on density measure.

SEO copywriters are expected to be experts in density measures. He knows the exact number of times the keyword must appear on a web page. Determining the target density for each keyword is an effortless task for him. He respects the rule of thumb in which primary keywords should have a density of roughly 5%. For secondary keywords, on the contrary, 3-5% is enough. These are the ideal densities for your keywords. Beyond this, readability of your website might be compromised and put to risk. Worse, search engines can tag you as spam.

8. Knows the perfect place for a keyword.

Keyword placement contributes in the effectivity of your text. It produce an impact that helps you achieve your desired results. Be sure that your hired SEO copywriter acknowledges this impact. Professional SEO copywriters will tell you that keywords must start in the beginning of the page.  Despite existing debates, he should not be confused on where to put keyword phrases.

9. Links page using text links.

A copywriter must be able to optimize the entire site using definitive text links. Using these links, navigating through each page of the site would be less painful and agitating. Meanwhile for complex sites, the copywriter must create a hierarchical structure instead of using a network of inside links. Texts must be broken down into categories, which leads now to the formation of summary pages. Through text links, each summary page links out to a number of other pages carrying the detailed information. You should be able to create a spider’s web of links that would reorder the connections between web pages.

10. Declares the relevance of your site.

Your copywriter plays a major role in optimizing your site for search engine rankings. Therefore, he must use keyword phrases strategically to increase the relevance of your site. He must be able to create outstanding articles that carry back links, which would direct visitors to your site. He regularly posts and submits prolific articles which are practical in generating enormous profit. However, overnight success is what legitimate copywriters avoid to promise. No expert would be careless enough to declare a flow of great income in just a matter of hours.

SEO copywriters can either be your website’s precious treasures or your worst investment. Be sure to choose the copywriter that would help you achieve your entrepreneurial objectives. Once you know the criteria to look upon, you will never be wrong again in picking your bet.

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