selling valueSelling value instead of price should always be your mindset to be paid what you deserve. A lot of professionals tend to get desperate. They allow potential clients to control them in the palm of their hands. If you know you true worth then selling value shouldn’t be difficult. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Stand out from the competition.

Selling is impossible if you are ordinary. Potential clients won’t take notice of you if you don’t have any unique skill set to offer. If you and the rest of your kind are the same then it will all come down to the pricing. Identify your strengths. Promote this to clients and emphasize that no one else can provide this kind of service. If you possess a quality that clients won’t be able to resist, selling value comes into play.

  1. Narrow down your clients.

Now that you know what you are worth, you will have the confidence sell value. Be picky of your potential clients. You should have a firm grasp to sell value. List down qualities that you want in a client and find people who possess them.  Always prioritize those who are fun to be with. There is already enough stress to deal with in running a business.

  1. Raise your standards and stick to them.

Selling value should be done not just to anyone you meet. This will greatly decrease your worth. Pick those who are serious, financially capable and loyal in doing business with you. Walk away from people who don’t meet your standards. Times and effort are both precious. To sell value is only done to people who deserve it.

  1. Make sure the competition is based on selling value, not price.

It’s really easy to fight it out based on price, just be the lowest bidder and that’s it. When it comes to selling value, then it’s time to put your game face on. You need to prove your worth to the clients. Show why choosing you will be a great business decision.

  1. Show your clients that you are indispensable.

A lot of clients would often grumble to professionals who are selling value. To counter this attack; list down the tasks involved in the project. Tell them that you are willing to reduce the price if they are willing to do particular tasks in the list. If they complain simply answer, “If you want to do away with the hassle, then pay me for what you expect me to do.” Selling value is all about remaining firm in your belief that you are the right person for the job.

  1. Be transparent.

To sell value isn’t just about putting a bold front to your customers. It is perfectly okay to explain how you came up with your prices to those who want to understand the whole process thoroughly. Show them that it’s not just about taking home a big profit, but a lot of work is involved. This way, clients will not try to bargain with your prices.

  1. Walk away from people who do not believe in selling value.

A lot of clients tend to choose business owners who run their business based on price only. It is best to stay away from this kind of people. Always keep in mind that professionals practice selling value not just for profit, but to maximize the value of their client’s money. To sell value reduces expenses, and avoids wastage of resources. If the potential client doesn’t buy this, then it is best to let them go.


Selling value is easy provided that you believe in your strengths and is willing to prove it to your clients. Be strong in your resolve. If you fail in the first client, move on. Surely, a more deserving client will come your way.

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