sellable productSellable product may be one of three things: services, info and a tangible object. When it comes to internet marketing, what exactly can you consider as a sellable product? If you are getting into internet marketing, you actually have infinite choices on what to sell. You can cater to any aspect of the human interest. It all comes down to you choosing a niche. Then, you are free to offer anything of what they need. The usual sellable products that can be found in the internet fall under these categories:

a) Services as a Sellable Product

Services are probably the most sellable product that you can offer online. This is because whenever there’s business, there’s always work to be done. It’s a common thing for internet marketers to have more than enough work for themselves. Therefore, they end up needing to hire people to work for them. If you’re offering any kind of service, it’s sure to be a sellable product and a good source of income. The key is to choose a service that you’re good at. This way, you can make the most of it and get the most amounts of cash for your services.

b) Information Products

The internet is an information highway. Its users are always in need of information. This is why information has become a sellable product. To sell information, you don’t need to be a complete expert on a certain topic. You just need to know more than your users. You need to establish yourself as the go-to person on a specific topic. You should be able to provide people with useful and important information. By being able to do so, you are building your credibility. Thus, you build your business.

c) Physical Products

Of course, we have the physical products. This can’t be disregarded as a sellable product.  This is why websites like eBay or Amazon profit. With physical products, you have tons of choices. This can range from mugs to gadgets and then to appliances.   People enjoy doing their shopping online nowadays. All thanks to the convenience that the internet has provided.


If you are still finding yourself stumped on what to sell online, do not fret. The truth is, just about anything can be a sellable products. All you have to do is pick one. Partner your sellable product with a good marketing strategy and viola, you have your business.

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