sell to anyoneSell to anyone is a challenge a lot of people think is impossible. In your experience, you’ve probably encountered truly difficult customers you were required to sell to. It may have been the demanding, abrasive buyer. Or the indecisive customer who takes a long time. Whatever the cases were, you’ve probably thought of different ways to sell to anyone, and you came up short.

But the truth is that it’s not impossible to sell! Read on to discover the tricks of selling to anyone, including an analysis of the different kinds of difficult customers.

Tricks to Sell to Anyone

The tricks to sell to anyone can be different for each kind of customer. Every customer is a challenging person in their own way. But there’s one general rule when selling.

It’s the understanding that there are different types of people, and that these differences lead to disconnect in communication and conflicting personalities. This is the greatest barrier to sell to anyone.

The solution is to understand that no one size fits all. You have to modify your sales approach and style, even for just a brief moment, to help you better connect to each customer. That’s how you can sell to just about everyone. That’s how you get better sales.

The Types of Customers

The practical guide to sell to anyone involves understanding the four types of customers, and how to improve results with each.

Direct Donna

The first kind of customer you may encounter is “Direct Donna”. She or he’s results-focused, goal-oriented and time-efficient. This personality type reflects a direct, forceful and dominating manner. They want to direct the sales, sometimes with aggressive behavior.

You can see it in their nonverbal and behavioral cues: they point to you when they talk, interrupt and challenge you, seldom listen to details. They want to cut to the chase.

So in the spirit of trying to sell to anyone, how can you get results with a “Direct Donna” type? You have to understand their style and goals.

Be more direct and assertive. At the very start, already say that you understand how busy they are, and how important their time is. Assure them that you will get right to the point. One of the keys to sell to anyone is meeting the nonverbal cues of the customer.

So focus the conversation on the results she will achieve. She’ll appreciate direct questions about her business. And she won’t respect or appreciate it if you back down from confrontations. Stand firm. It’s nothing personal.

Talkative Tim

“Talkative Tim”, on the other hand, is self-focused and socially-oriented. He’s an outgoing person who is also ego-centric. The importance of self and personal stories is expressed in the way he’s late to meetings and interruptive of the business agenda. People with this type are more concerned with listening to himself talk.

So if you want to sell to anyone, you also have to adjust to the people like “Talkative Tim”. Understand and reflect what’s important to Tim. Since relationships are very important to this customer type, invest more time in social conversation. Don’t be direct to the point. Even if you don’t understand why you have to be so social, he will understand and appreciate the gesture.

This is because “Talkative Tim” is intuitive. He buys partially on how he feels about the sales person. So you have to accommodate this.

Appeal to his ego. To sell to anyone, make sure you don’t challenge him or his ego. The moment he feels rejected, he’ll be unresponsive. Get him to be responsive by showing how your solution will improve his image and status in the company. Sell to anyone by selling your relationship and your benefits.

Steady Eddie

The next kind of customer type is “Steady Eddie”. He’s team-focused and deliberative. This personality appears soft-spoken, quiet and less assertive. And this makes him difficult to read sometimes.

This is also the customer you’d find to be quite indecisive. To sell to anyone, you have to take a step back whenever he says “I’m still thinking about my options, but thanks for following up”.

You have to be understanding of their need for structure and security. Because they’re focused on the team, they take the time to examine how the sales decision will affect other people.

So to sell to anyone in this scenario, be sure to be slow and detailed. Clearly demonstrate the process and reduce risks. Show how logical the decision is.

Analytical Alice

The last type of customer is detail-oriented “Analytical Alice”. She’s the type to read every point and specification in your sales proposal. And it doesn’t matter how much information your present; she’d still want more.

This makes her quite difficult to read, and hard to engage with. Since personal feelings and emotions do not matter as much, you need a logical way to sell to anyone.

To get results, be prepared. To sell in this case, you should have a written, bullet-point agenda of the meeting. Give it to your customer a few days in advance so that she can prepare herself.

Make sure that the agenda you create has no typos or spelling mistakes, or punctuation errors. And then follow your agenda in order.

To successfully sell to anyone of this personality type, arm yourself with supporting documents for any type of claim.

Now that you know who’s who, don’t be overwhelmed. Selling to anyone, especially those with good understanding, relationship-building and approach.

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