self marketing techniquesSelf marketing techniques help you land your dream job or project. Self marketing is often called personal branding. It helps individuals improve their overall professional image and reputation, and advance their careers in the long run. Self marketing techniques work by using branding strategies to establish an image around an individual instead of around a product. With these techniques, a person will be able to more effectively communicate his or her academic competence, professional skills, and individual character when applying for a job.

Self marketing is not an easy task. You need a lot of patience and creativity to make yourself standout from the rest of the applicants. That is why following self marketing techniques is necessary. These techniques are not mere guidelines. They can really boost and improve your individual brand.

Self marketing techniques 1: online presence

Despite the vastness of the world, it is beginning to shrink. Thanks to the worldwide web, everyone is just an arm’s length away, or just a click away. The internet can help you find employers and clients on an international scale. It can also help them find you. Hence, establishing an online presence is a must. Here are some self marketing techniques on how to be present online.

  • Create a website

You can transform your curriculum vitae into one interesting website. Use tabs to organize it. Use tags and SEO techniques to help search engines easily locate your website. With a website, you can tell people about yourself, and provide them samples of your work. Now, those are awesome self marketing techniques to get noticed and considered for a project.

  • Maintain a blog

Most techniques will tell you to have either a website or a blog. Why not have both? Host your blog using your website or have it hosted in another, it does not really matter. For writers and graphic designers, having a blog is a plus since you can showcase your work there. By separating it from your website, you can give employers and future clients more ways to know you.

  • Be active in social media

Not all self marketing techniques would list this but being in social media is necessary in this age of Facebook and Instagram. Most people like to search your name among the pages. Create a Facebook page and maintain a separate Instagram account to promote the work you do. Having a LinkedIn account can also help establish your professional branding.

Self marketing techniques 2: market on your strengths

To market one’s self entails establishing a field of expertise. Everyone is an expert of something. A lawyer is an expert in law, a content writer is an expert in creating content, a photographer is an expert in photography, and even your friend who does not know anything but gossip is an expert in the latest Hollywood scoops.

Determine what your strengths are, and make them known. Post your videos or works in social media. Conduct talks and seminars on the things you are expert on. Expose yourself to more people, and you will be able to let them talk about you and your work. These are a few and simple self marketing techniques.

A lot of marketing techniques will stop there. What about your weaknesses? Similar to expertise, everyone has weaknesses. You cannot hide it but you can improve it. Learn as much as you can to become proficient in the skills you find difficult to master.

These self marketing techniques simply assist in creating your brand. It is still up to you on how you will showcase yourself. Practice excellence in all that you do, and your brand will come after.

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