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need not be expensive. If you are creative enough, there are Do-It-Yourself tools that you can count on. One such example are the 3″ by 5″ index cards that are excellent tools if you know how to use them.

How to convert simple index cards into sales tools

Sales tools are important to speed up the sales process. In a sense, they can automate it. If you don’t have the budget to buy an expensive software or program, you can try DIY tools. It may come to you as a surprise but your 3″ by 5″ index cards can be your messiah. It can save you a lot of time and stress in sorting out your leads. The system is really simple yet highly effective.

The “3X5” sales tools

You can call this system as the “3×5” system. To transform your index cards as sales tools, prepare the following:

  1. A box for storage of your “3X5” tools
  2. “3X5” index tabs as monthly tools
  3. “3X5” index tabs as daily tools numbered 1-31
  4. “3X5″ index tabs arranged alphabetically
  5. “3X5″ white index tabs
  6. “3X5″ colored index tabs
  7. A tiny case to house these amazing sales tools in your pocket.

Once you’ve purchased everything, you’ll realize how these tools do not hurt your pocket. For a measly $25.00, you’ve got tools that work.

Now, it’s time to organize your little tools. To make it simple, let’s imagine that you try to assemble your sales tools on the first day of the year. If this is so, organize your tabs in the following order (front to back):

  1. Tab for the month of January
  2. Daily tabs numbered 1-31
  3. to Dec. monthly tabs
  4. Alphabetical tabs labelled from A-Z
  5. White and colored index cards

All of these index cards/sales tools are to be contained in file box. Remember that the January tab is what you need to see foremost. Afterwards, make index cards specifically for your leads. If you have a lot of leads, it may indeed take time. But it’s only in the beginning. Reserve your white index cards for your leads. Meanwhile, assign the colored ones for your customers.

How the system works

To make you visualize how the system works, imagine that today is the 1st day of the year. If you happen to meet a new lead today and you want to contact him the next day, keep the business card you got from him. Once you get to the office, staple the business card to your white index card. Put it behind the “2” tab.

Upon seeing your “3×5” sales tools the next day, move the “1″ tab back behind the February tab. Do this every time in such a way that the first tab you see in the box denotes the most current month and day.

Now, you go to the Jan 2 tab and find the business card you drop the day before. You call the lead. Assume that you learned that he was on leave. Make a note on your index cards. Indicate that “1/2/05 – Mr. Lead is on leave until the 5th”. Then put the card behind the “5” tab for the month of January.

Continue making notes using this system until you transform your leads into customers.

Sales Tools as Indicators of Success

Once your leads become actual customers, staple their business cards to your colored index cards.  Use the alphabetical tabs you made to arrange them by first name or surname. This way, you can use your sales tools to gauge your performance. The more business cards you staple to your colored index cards means the more customers you have.

A box full of index cards is not ideal to carry. That’s why you will need a small case or wallet to carry your index cards wherever you go. Now that’s really an incredible idea to perk your sales up!

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