sales thievesSales thieves have been playing in the buy and sell arena since the dawn of times. These are what people do to stop you from making a sale. Despite the new marketing techniques that have been developed in the past years, they can never truly eliminate this problem. The reason for this is because sales thieves are done by customers, and customers will always be part of business. Without them, no one will buy your product. So, the most you can do when it comes to thieves is deal with the efficiently.

The Big Four Sales Thieves Attitudes

1. “I don’t need it”.

This attitude is another one of the mot common sales thieves. In order to deal with this, don’t sell to a market who doesn’t want anything to do with you. One of the main keys in making a business successful is targeting the right market. Don’t waste your time and money with people who has little interest on what you’re selling. The best way to go about this is ask yourself what your products is and where should you advertise. These two questions go together because the answer to the first one will dictate the answer to the next.

If you’re business is selling fishing gear, it would be pointless for you to target a market filled with preppy females. You go to the people that are your potential customers. Target dads in need of a vacation or fishing enthusiast. By knowing who your target market is, you can avoid sales thieves such as this. you can even spend your money for advertisement wisely.

2. “I can’t afford it”.

Usually this line just means that that the product doesn’t rank high in their priority list. That’s the reason they won’t spend enough money on it. Now, you can change this by making your products more irresistible. This is possible by highlighting the benefits of your products and putting a deadline for them to purchase it. By doing this, you make customers feel like they will be missing out on something if they let the opportunity pass by. You can a sales thieves attitude like this.

3. ” I’m in no hurry”.

It’s a common thing in the business world for customers to procrastinate. It being common doesn’t make it okay. Procrastinators are bad for business, they leave you without making a purchase. You don’t want this, you want your customers to come in, look around and buy. If your visitors are procrastinators, the drive to buy your product will fade away. This is because the longer the time they procrastinate, the less interest they have and the less value your product will seem to have. In order to deal with this sales thieves attitude, using deadlines wouldn’t be bad. Make special offers and say that there’s only a limited time. The pressure might just get a procrastinator of his chair and make a purchase

4. “I don’t trust you”.

Now this is probably one of the sales thieves that’s very valid. Making a purchase can be risky and this is true for everyone. You can end up making a bad investment or never get the product. The former is sometimes scarier because you lose money. To tackle this, what you need to do is use techniques that are sure to get the trust of your customers.

You can guarantee their money back if they are unsatisfied with your products. You can replace damaged goods. When consumers see these guarantees, they are assured. The hesitation to make a purchase then fades away. Also, you can post testimonials from other consumers. This ensures them that you are true to your words and your product will get delivered. It’s best to let your customers praise you and give you credentials than you doing it yourself. Finally, be able to communicate. Let consumers communicate with you. By being friendly and welcoming to them, you will earn their trust easier and faster.

These sales thieves might seem difficult to get through but you just have to know the right trick in tackling them. When you encounter them, deal with them as soon as you can. Don’t let these thieves be the reason for you not to earn money.

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