resume and cover letterResume and cover letter templates and designs are very important because these documents can certainly make or break an application. Creating them without the proper preparation, experience or knowledge can drastically decrease a person’s chances of getting their dream job. To remedy this, quite a lot of people have gravitated towards searching for the perfect template or sample resume and cover letter. Although this is important enough to warrant some research, there are always a few things to remember when creating them.

The resume is typically the much easier document to create between the two. The resume is a simple rundown of all the experience you might have had in the past, which means that you can create one and typically use it for all your applications. However, the cover letter should take a bit more time, even with the use of a template.

Using your computer for your resume and cover letter

Your computer is a great resource for your resume and cover letter. It is very easy nowadays to write down these words as keywords into your browser search bar and receive billions of hits. You can get endless templates online. Some websites only ask for your inputs and then it automatically creates them. A lot of programs are also available now to the public. These programs can help you draft and finalize them with minimal computer knowledge necessary. Just remember that although these methods in creating your resume and cover letter are efficient, they will probably not as organized and detailed as learning how to do your documents on your own.

Resume and cover letter templates without the internet

If you want great resumes and cover letter templates but you would rather find them outside of the world wide web, you also have a couple of options.

  • Read a how-to book. Your local book store will probably have a comprehensive guide on how to create a resume and cover letter. Although this might take a bit longer than all your other choices, this is definitely the type of method that can help you again and again. Knowing how to create them without the use of templates can help you create the perfect documents with the help of just your knowledge and past experience.
  • Have a professional write your resume and cover letter. Having someone write your letter is usually expensive, but if you really want your documents to look and sound professional, they might be worth the money. You have to note, however, that these aren’t people you personally know so your resume and cover letter might not be as personalized as you would like them to be.

Always personalize your submissions

Always remember that although they can mean the difference between a job and being unemployed, you should still create one that shows the company who you really are. Using templates as they are and then trying to pass them off as your own can make you look impersonal and even uninterested in the job. Always make sure that you personalize each cover letter according to the company you are aiming for, as well as the position you want to get. It will show them that you really want the job and that you understand exactly what the company is looking for.

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