core competenciesCore competencies are the important elements in sales that directly impact your performance. These will be the standards if you are destined for success or not. They are quantitative in nature. They can be controlled and can be measured. Sales people can acquire these core competencies through training. One cannot just be born with them to boost sales performance.

There are sales people and organizations who get distracted by other activities which make them lose focus. Without a sales foundation built upon core competencies, it is easy to lose track of what really matters to boost sales performance.

How do we make sure that we do not get distracted? What are the things that really matter? Following are some tips on how to recognize core competencies.

Tips on How to Recognize Core Competencies

There are a lot of steps in the sales process. From prospecting to closing a deal. There are also administrative work that involve reporting and paperwork. With all these in mind, how does one person recognize the core competencies that will make them successful?

The simplest way to determine if an activity or a task is part of them is if it is directly linked to revenue. Because who are we kidding? Revenue is how we measure success. We are not judged by the way we carry conversations or if we have the nicest attitude, we are judged by the profit we give to the organization.

Apart from determining if the activity brings revenue, recognizing core competencies involve asking a lot of questions. For example, is what you’re doing an essential component of making a sale or is it just a minor ingredient? You should separate necessary tasks from these competencies. Prospecting is necessary in a sales system. Within that prospecting system, there are components like lead generation, referrals, vendor collaboration, association programs to name a few. These components are tactical vehicles in prospecting but they are not actually part of core competencies. What is part a of it is the actual client call – face to face or over the phone. This will determine if you are actually going to make a sale. The measurement of this core competency is you have made the conversation turn into an appointment. It is measured by how many times you request for an appointment versus the times that you achieve it.

Next in the list of core competencies is the ability to turn a first appointment into a proposal. This is also measured by calculating if your first appointment turns into the next step of your sales system. And this brings us the third on our list of core competencies, closing. This is the easiest thing to measure because you are calculating your closing ration. These three should be recognized in order to measure sales performance.

We are not saying that you should forego doing other necessary tasks in the sales process. What we are saying is, you need to focus on these core competencies so you don’t get sidetracked. These elements should be the foundation of your sales performance. We have mentioned that sales people are not born bearing these competencies. You can acquire them through appropriate trainings. Organizational commitment will play a huge role in making sales people acquire them.

Core Competencies is your Ticket to Success

Recognizing them will make a huge difference in your sales performance. If you think that you are not performing well or you are distracted from the things that matter, just go back to these core competencies so you get your sales vibe back.

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