online businessOnline business is a way of selling, advertising, and purchasing products using the internet. A virtual business gives you the benefit of exposing your product millions of buyers on the World Wide Web. The more customers looking for your product online, the bigger opportunity you’ll have in selling them. If you are an online business owner or planning to put up one, there are 5 questions you must consider answering in a sales letter.

1. What’s in it for me?

Salesmanship rule number 1, is people only purchase because the product is very beneficial for them. You can achieve this by first, getting their attention using your headline. Make sure your headline is very convincing and giving them the direct idea on what they will acquire from your product by just reading it.

2. What will happen if I say no?

You need to be confident that your target customers will not say “No”. Emphasize your customers’ issues, frustrations, how much time and money they lose, or how hard they are living their lives. Show them that investing a little amount in your product can change or resolve all of your customers’ problems.

3. How will my life be better?

Make sure to respond to your customer’s emotional needs. Ask yourself: Will my product help my customers become smarter, better looking, sexier or famous? Will they save money, time and effort for availing your product?

Identify what they desire. You may use them so you can properly provide what they need. Convert your prospects into satisfied customers.

4. Why should I trust you?

Customers are doubtful when spending money to buy certain good or product. Good feedbacks from your previous and loyal customers would be a great help. Some online marketers who doesn’t have customer’s feedback yet, exchange testimonials with other forums writers to highlight the benefits of each one’s products. By inviting web surfers and visitor to become contributor on your website, you can increase loyalty and sales.

5. Will I be stuck with your product?

Give your customers a reason to come back and purchase your product in many ways. Repeat customers to your online business will surely increase the number of your sales. Advertising promos and discounts at least once a month can attract your new customers to come back and become your loyal buyer. Keep in mind that quality of your product can compensate the money your customer is spending, as long as you can satisfy your customers’ needs with your product.

Most Critical Thing in an Online Business

The most important thing in online business is treating your customers as real individuals and putting yourself in the customers’ shoes. Responding appropriately to their needs and providing them excellent customer service will give you the potential of getting huge number of loyal customers in the future.

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