publishing scamsPublishing scams are extremely popular nowadays. The image of legitimate publishers are getting tainted by these scams. Authors who are desperate to get their works out there are falling victim to them. To our budding writers, we have listed a few tips on how to spot and avoid getting trapped by publishing scams.

Tips on How to Avoid Publishing Scams

  1. Online Matching

There are services that will offer to have your query letter, synopsis, and first chapter online and match them to acquisition editors and literary editors. These online matching services come with a fee. We consider these services as publishing scams because with a lot of unsolicited queries that literary agents receive, will they still go online to look for more?

There are also scams that involve agents and publishers databases. These databases are very detailed including book genre and acquisition specs, they also make you sign up for a fee. However, be wary of these publishing scams because the details might just be copied by the database owner from other sources.

  1. Email Blasts

There are those that offer involve making you pay for their services in order to email blast your query letters to agents and publishers. Again, these types of publishing scams will make you wonder. Agents and publishers are swarmed with query letters, why will they sign up for a service that will make their inbox more crowded? They won’t feel the need to sign up to these email blast services anymore. If you do, then you will most likely fall for publishing scams.

  1. Book Doctors

These are not your typical copy editors who just mind the spelling, sentence structures or your grammar. Book doctors are the ones who look at every aspect of your literature. From plot, characters, flow, continuity, and eve dialogue. If you are someone who put his or her soul to writing a book, why would you need someone to overhaul it? Book doctors are sometimes seen as part of publishing scams because who knows your book better than you? Asking someone else to re-write your book is quite problematic. The services of these book doctors can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Would you want to get published just for the heck of getting published but lose a lot of money to book doctors? Do not fall for these publishing scams. If you really want to see if your written work has publishing potential, hire a critique service instead. They are less pricey ad they will tell you if your work has any market potential.

  1. Literary Marketing Services

Of course there are legitimate marketing services. What we need you to look out for are those who are not aware of industry standard terms. Literary marketing services become publishing scams when you contract their services and they are unconcerned about industry standards. For example, if you are not offered with standard terms, it is highly unlikely that bookstores will stock your book in their shelves. Whatever marketing strategy you put into selling your book, they won’t have it.

By industry standards, your book must be offered with payment for 90 days with 40% discount from the retail price at the least. It must also be returnable to the publisher through major wholesalers. Unless the author is the publisher, the terms should be offered by the publisher and not the author. If your marketing services do not mind if you are not getting the standards, they are more likely to be publishing scams.

You will not spot these scams if you do not study or scrutinize them properly. Bear in mind our tips if you want to get published without falling for these scams.

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