publishing optionsPublishing options can serve as a path to what many have dreamed of doing. Most of us dream of writing a book one day but statistics will show a majority who never got to complete the task. Such failure is caused by different reasons but the most important is that the aspiring authors only know of publishers who accept a mere tiny percentage of the book proposals they receive. They have heard of how difficult publishing a book can be and consequently decide to push through no longer.

In light of this, technology has changed many things in the publishing industry, just as it has changed all kinds of industry you can think of. Not only are publishing options more accessible and not only is it easier to start a publishing company, but the costs of printing a small number of books has come down dramatically, giving authors choices with their options and the chance to avoid prohibitive minimums that used to dictate the printing business.

Knowing of such advancements, it is a wise idea to reintroduce aspiring authors to the new book-publishing landscape so it can open them to publishing options that can help them make their dream to be an author a reality. In this article, we have three options that you can tap into to get your book published in the world that we live in today and we will futher discuss the opportunities and challenges of each in the articles to come.

3 Publishing Options for Aspiring Authors

  1. Proposing to big publishing houses – This is a road that has been often travelled for years and years when looking for publishing options as an aspiring author. There are a number of big names in the publishing industry like Penguin, Random House, and McGraw Hill that can publish your books for you. However, these big league publishing houses only work with proven, well-renowned authors and require you to have an agent before they even consider your proposal. The upside to publishing options like this, though, is that they are well-respected and are sure to bring to you better credibility and preferential shelf space within major retailers, should they accept your proposal.
  2. Patronize smaller independent publishers. – more and more independent publishers have been forming these days to provide for you easier publishing options for your book. These independent publishers often specialize in specific genres, but you can still tap into the wide variety of both very small and well established publishers within this category. They all generally have full distribution channels in place, which gives you the option to get your book to be on the same shelves as those big titles. In publishing options like this, proposals are sent directly to the acquisitions editor and you are not necessarily required to have a literary agent.
  3. Self-publishing. – This is probably the most common of all options. Because printing costs have become much more affordable, authors have been able to easily print few copies of their books and the risk they have to take in terms of money has lessened greatly. This obviously eliminates major barriers to entry as around 90% of the books printed today are self-published.

The best thing about self-publishing among the publishing options is that no one can reject your proposal. You can write your book and print it as you wish. In many cases, printing houses have respectable distribution channels as well, giving you the chance to also reach the same shelves as the bigger titles. Of course, your credibility may be a few degrees lower, but that’s but a small price to pay to make your dreams to be an author a reality.

There are a number of publishing options to choose from, but remember that the marketing effort will always be up to you as the author of your book. It’s your job to promote or sell your book. If you have a strong desire to publish your book, always think of how you will strategize its sales. Being able to do this successfully can get you an opportunity to be accepted by the big publishing houses as well, which is definitely the treasure among all your publishing options.

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