publish your writingPublish your writing and gain profit from doing your passion. If you are a freelance writer or just starting out and interested in writing, then maybe you should think about putting up a blog to post. While writing for free may not be an easy option for freelance writers, think about these three strategies that present to you an opportunity to publish your writing while earning money.

Three Ways to Publish your Writing and Earn From Blogging

1. Focus on Self-Publishing.

First and foremost, you can concentrate to self publish your work through a blog, or a number of blogs if you would like to. The many pages of new, creative content will be great lure to search engines and bring in good caliber traffic to your blog site. You can earn money from this traffic by promoting your ads, with the use of third-party ad services like pay-per-lead and pay-per-click programs, or by pushing affiliated programs and products. If you would like to concentrate on how to publish your writing and your audience, possibly the least difficult tool to use would be through affiliate programs or pay-per-click systems.

2. Publish in free e-zines and similar publications.

Why not try to publish your work through your own e-zines, e-books, newsletters or those other informational product, and make use of your blog to promote these. As you publish your writing through these, you can still earn some money from ads or affiliate programs if you have selected the right ones from the bunch. The more venues you publish your work, the more money you have the opportunity to earn.

3. Publish your writing in paid e-zines and similar publications.

Another option is you can try to publish your work in e-zines, newsletters or e-books that aren’t free and require purchase. You can utilize your free blog to attract visitors and push these informational products. Remember too that you also have the option to make more profit from ads and affiliate programs on your blog, aside from the sales you make from these paid publications where you publish your writing.


You’ll learn that giving away free writing can actually be a profitable way of living but if you are not sure of this path, then you can opt to give just a small part to be free and the rest to those who are willing to pay. Whichever way, you have all the control and authority on your own work that has been published, and you will be the one to gather the bounty that you truly deserve.

As a freelance writer, all forms of profit earning are welcomed. Follow these three simple strategies on how to publish your writing and you’ll be on your way to success.

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