public speaking jobPublic speaking job is something you might like to consider as a career. Before we go in depth with this topic, let us first discuss what it is about. It is a topic that scares a lot of people. Some people even say that public speaking is more fearful that snakes and arachnids.  If you have a public speaking job, or even if you engage in it for once in your life, it is as if you’re putting yourself out there in the open. It is being in front of a lot of people and exposing yourself in a way that makes you feel vulnerable. This is a situation in which you are being judged.

This might be difficult in the beginning, but if you feel that this is really for you and you are having the time of your life on stage, then by all means, pursue it! In looking for one, consider these steps and avenues:

  1. Going online for possible public speaking job opportunities.

There is no better way to look for a public speaking job other than openings online. This does not take much time and it yields great results. Google and Yahoo are effective search engines you could use that could direct you to the most up to date job postings. They come in the form of company forums, organization conferences, school talks, etc. When you find something that you like, contact them right away by writing a polite e-mail. Don’t forget to attach your contact details! You might be the person who is fitting to do the public speaking job for them.

  1. A the famous saying goes, “patience is a virtue”

If you feel that a job is worth it, then waiting should not be a problem. Do not fret if you don’t receive offers right away. Such is the case for this type of profession. Just put yourself out there online, leave your contact details, and wait for things to happen. Remember that the Internet is a big world and there are a lot of people online who are looking for speakers. Committing to a public speaking job entails that you are more than willing to wait for your time in the spotlight.

  1. Looking out for schedules of conferences.

There are organizations and companies that have conferences multiple times a year. Check out for the annual or semi-annual dates of conferences. A public speaking job is waiting for you if you keep in touch with the organization or company months before the event.

  1. Training other people

Don’t be afraid to try this out, it wouldn’t do you any damage if you give it a chance. You might also want to check out CareerTracks. This is a company that opens public speaking jobs on a contractual basis. This type of job requires occasional travelling and merchandise selling.


If you are just starting out in your job, consider these suggestions as your baby steps in the business.

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