sales improvementSales improvement is not something that only the sales team should be concerned about. When revenue is in the dumps, it must be everyone in the company’s concern. This is especially true when the CEO predicts a negative outlook for the company. He reviews the charts and sees that the business is far from hitting its targets. Then it’s high time for him to think about sales improvement.

Why Sales Improvement is everybody’s concern

There’s no use pointing fingers once a campaign had failed. Putting all the blame on the sales team will not help the business. This is because, in the first place, it is not a matter for which the sales team is solely responsible.

To some extent, everyone in an organization has a role to play in the process of revenue generation. For instance, it is the Board of Directors and the CEO that lay down a business’s strategic plan. This strategic plan is supposedly what the organization has to carry out in its sales improvement. The plan works as the overall policy for generating revenues.

Meanwhile, the marketing department provides valuable information about client needs. This information is essential for the sales department. They will rely on this to devise the appropriate sales plan for sales improvement.

The other departments such as billing, accounting, audit, legal, media relations and customer service affect the revenue generation process in their own unique way.

Sales Department, at the heart of the revenue generation process

However, even if sales improvement is everyone’s responsibility, the sales department still play a bigger role in improving sales than all others.

The sales team is in-charge with determining genuine sales opportunities. They take advantage of these opportunities until they translate to revenues. Aside from that, they, together with the management, are obliged to build and manage client relationships. They should also implement the sales improvement plan seamlessly.

In other words, the sale team takes up the biggest slice of the cake in terms of sales. Even the marketing team only provides tangible support and back up. The same is true with other departments that contribute to the revenue generation process.

Revenue Generation, an organization-wide process

Sales improvement, like revenue generation cuts across multiple departments in an organization. Whenever there is failure or poor performance by the sales team, the sales executives and supervisors should also be held accountable.  However, it is a good practice for the CEO to look into the whole organization’s performance. This is before casting all the blame to the sales department. He has to see if there are other sections in the company that detracts from the sales improvement plan and causes its failure.  As experts say, each department in an organization either purifies the revenue generation process or taints it.

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